Are You Feeling This Get Up???

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Jill Marie Jones aka Tony Childs from the show “Girlfriends” was seen around L.A. in this ballerina get up. Now this may be the new “IT” thing at the moment but this just makes us ask… Dude, Where’s Your Stylist??? You see how we feel, but we really just want to know…

Are You Feeling This Get Up???


  • daisy

    she is so beautiful she can make a sack look good

  • seekinglove

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  • Soul Touch

    I love you Jill, but please…no.

    Tired of seeing women showing their bloomers. It’s tacky.

  • Maevelove

    one more layer under that skirt and it would have looked tons better. get it jill!

  • http://bossip ni'nat

    she is beautiful and she is pulling off this look

  • Tee

    I like it actually, but I hate the way she wears her weave/wigs.

  • Kool Breeze

    I would prefer to have felt her if anything.

  • cruzan trini

    I would go les for her as long as she is the “man in the sheets”.

  • charlotte

    After you hit 30, this look is not cute

  • Gimmeabreak78


    I think after you hit 6, this look is not cute. lol

    Jill Marie is beautiful. I hate to see her go this route. :(

  • juliemango

    Yep xcept the gray camisole!!!

  • Theorius Stylez

    This kind of reminds me of 30 and 40 year old men saggin’ their pants. Foolish-lookin’. Some folks dont care though,huh? Just a theory.



    Come on….. if she looks good or not that is what it is.

    She shouldn’t wear that color.

    Its a style, the style does not become her. That is it.


  • Choco

    That ish is the stupidest outfit I’ve ever seen she look like a overgrown OMG girl!

  • chaka1

    Toni Childs would not be pleased Jill…

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