In Little White Boy News: Justin Bieber Drops Freestyle About Living In ATL And Broads

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Everybody’s favorite pop singer Justin Bieber can flow for a little white boy.

Pop it to watch him freestyle

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  • Mock Rock Star

    Really, who is this whiny kid???

  • real black is chocolate

    who justin bieberlake?

    Again we “black ppl” helps to talentless white ppl

    usher why you not help your talented young brothers!

    f’ck usher b’tch azz nikka!!


    is this child relevant?…..ugh white people are so lame

    usher gives him credibility

  • bro

    better than gucci mane, wacka flacka

  • thatbrutha

    WhaT MY three year old just said I DONT LIKE HIM!
    your just a pop singer NO DOUBT!DEVIL

  • kim

    this web site is racist

  • VAL

    That was pretty good. I’m pretty impressed.. Delivery was good. pace acceptable. content appropriate. 3.7/5

  • Maevelove

    lol at the dj dropping the funkmaster flex bombs over this justin beiber freestyle. beiber’s flow is okayish he needs much more practice, looks like his influence is fellow canadian Drake. Whereas Diggy is influenced by the pioneers like Nas.

  • kdidjs

    Cute little boy. From my understand he loves him some black people. Go little white boy. He’s a kid, give him a break. Wait until he disrespect black folks then start hating. UGH!

  • nero

    He’s a singer retards. He was rapping for fun. When whites try to keep you out, you get your knockers in a knot, but you do they same thing when they try to cross over.

  • mimi

    i do not like this kid. he swagger jacking. NEXT!!

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    I’m not too fond of him as an artist nor his talent but he’s very cute :)

    I know,he’s still a minor but I can just picture him all grown up.
    He’ll be a heart breaker.


    ayee im surprised. sounded better than asher roth. he does kinda seem like he took chris brown swag tho

  • Detrot

    Not Bad!!


    He needs to get a new do. With his hair always in his face (bangs??) makes it looks like he takes it up the

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