Is Lance Gross Still Hung Up On His Ex??

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Is there more trouble in paradise for Lance Gross and fiancée Eva Pigford? Despite his public pronouncements of devotion to Eva the Diva, word on the streets is that Lance is eager to reunite with his ex at their upcoming reunion. Pop the top for a little rumor control …

It turns out that Lance is looking forward to seeing his ex at their high school reunion, but it’s not because he wants her back!

Actor LANCE GROSS can’t wait to attend his 10-year high school reunion in Las Vegas – because it will give him the chance to confront the girl who stood him up at the homecoming dance.

The Meet The Browns star, who is engaged to model Eva Pigford, still hasn’t forgiven his former sweetheart – and he’s looking forward to seeing her again.

He says, “We were supposed to go to the homecoming dance and she stood me up. Everybody wanted to get at her because she had the biggest booty in the school, so I was the man.

“Once she said yes she was going with me, I started telling everybody… but the day before she told me, ‘Y’know, I’m not gonna to be able to go to homecoming with you’. I’m looking forward to seeing her.”

How immature. Men really don’t handle rejection well at all. And SMH at him talking about his ex’s booming backyard… y’all know Eva’s little cakes can’t even compare.

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  • Gimmeabreak78

    I don’t care if he’s having a hard time getting over his ex–I’m having a hard time getting over his abs! Man, hold up! (Said in a Texas drawl, lol)

  • Be4Real

    be a big man and not sweat it. dag these men raised by women these days!!!!!

  • Sweetest Taboo

    Say whaaaaaat? C’mon son!

  • ***JUDY***

    I know she regrets that shyt now.

  • candi

    maybe she doesn’t regret it, it was 10 years ago after all. she could be married or happy with her life as it is. success/fame doesn’t always mean happy or that the relationship would work out.

  • Eddy

    It’s good his date stood him up. He only cared about the booty.

  • http://google Dee Dee01

    Don’t see this as being immature..maybe now he’ll B able to let it go!

  • Bishop

    Lol! It’s the other way around. Women can’t handle rejection well!! i.e. scratching your car, using your kids against you, taking you to the cleaners for your money, spreading rumours about you, taking billboard adds out on times square, scrawling on your facebook page…etc…etc SMH!

  • Clarkekent3000

    WTF?Your printing speculation and then gonna go in on the bro making the “Blanket statement” BASED on the printed speculation ?????? Niiiiiice!

    I would love to see who’s guilty of this kind of f*ckery! It would go a long way to help explain folks motives on here.

    How could I be silly,I get it, nothing sells ad space like black male female fighting huh?

  • peaches

    how stupid he hollered a her because of her big butt and not her brain, well what did he expect. He should be glad she stood him up. Now his ego wants him to be looking forward to see her for what? He needs to move on and forget about it and if he is ONLY attending his reunion for that reason he is more shallow that he looks.

  • http://bossip TIABABY09

    He’s obviously not ugly,but he does NOTHING for me,and he seems VERY immature.



  • bahamas/chicago/cayman girl

    This man is NICE, all caps all the way. My goodness chocolate is the best thing in the world!

  • Mrz.Reed

    HE IS FINE!!! :-)


    reminds me of Mr.Reed…. LOL

  • Teezy

    He probably wants to show her what she missed out on(if i were her i would be kicking myself in the butt). Oh and flaunt his beautiful fiancee. Go Lance!

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