Twitter Files: India.Arie Sounds Off On Lady Gaga And Her “Telephone” Video!

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The criticism keeps coming in about Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video. Last week India.Arie voiced her opinion that the video was going a bit too far via her Twitter account. Pop the hood for details.

India claimed her issue wasn’t with the the nudity in the video so much as the dark elements and unspoken back story that disturbed her. She also said Gaga’s influence and ability to turn the taboo into trend were also troubling. Here are the rest of her tweets:

India also shared a little story about meeting a young fan whose mother wouldn’t allow her child to watch the “Telephone” video!

Does anyone find it ironic that Miss “I Am Not My Hair” is going in on another artist about their image? Is her persona troubling to others as well, or do you think India should leave her alone?

Just curious how many of you agree with her about Gaga being socially irresponsible? Anybody else feel her videos are inappropriate for children to watch? What aspect of the video is the most problematic in your opinion?

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