In White Folks News: Michelle McGee Is A Certified Racist And Sandra Bullock Is Lawyering Up!!!

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This whole this is getting quite messy.

Pop the top to peep more racist evidence from “Adolf McGee” and to read about Sandra Bullock, Messy Jesse, and her lawyer

This is what Jesse James’ alleged mistress Michelle McGee calls putting children’s block refrigerator magnets to good use.

“Go whitepower” is the message spelled out on her fridge — for her two young sons to see.

What trash.

In Sandra lawyering up news:

Sandra’s reps have been in touch with several high-end divorce lawyers. Our sources say Lance Spiegel, who handled divorces for Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear and Michael Jackson, is the frontrunner.

As for Jesse, we’re told his business people have contacted several lawyers as well, but he will not be initiating the divorce. We’re told his reps are asking the attorneys “if they’d be interested in taking the case” if Sandra files. As for whether a divorce petition will be filed, one source simply said, “Something’s happening.”

Good luck Sandra, but why didn’t you know you were dealing with such skanky individuals?



  • black medussa

    pure evil



    Oh,please,she knew all about it….
    EVERYBODY is a racist to some degree

  • Yuh dun Know.....

    Eh well….I like to see famous people with problems.

    They arent perfect!

  • The "Original" Brown Hornet

    Jess gotta really be kickin’ himself…

  • diane

    that skeezer lived in a city that was known for racist white trash even today most of the area is on section 8….white section 8

  • chocalatetunda


  • 2dimplzs

    Go for Sandra for Lawyering up. She should have known better than to get with him and then actually think he’d make a good husband!!!! What a joke! Chalk it up to a huge lesson learned and go on with your life. He can’t be trusted and he showed you what he thought about your loyalty and love that you had for him. What a loser! Wise up Sandra, don’t make the same mistake twice. Poor thing…..she’ll probably stay single forever now. You picked the wrong man to marry girl!

  • Just Sayin

    Trash can’t be nothin but trash, no matter how much they try.

    Jesse is just a polished turd who’s polish wore off! Now you see him for just what he is, ” A Piece of Sh$t”.

  • Soul Touch

    I heard she is very racist; calls out hail hitler and all sorts of outlandish things…sad thing is her son is Jewish.

    Jesse is an idiot. Mind you, this tattooed freak seems like his type.

    I adore Sandra Bullock and wish her all the best.

  • 2dimplzs

    Oops, I meant “Good for Sandra”

  • DreTruth

    Why do you think jesse james liked her and still do because he’s one too. White power – darn skippy!!!

  • Horse.Head.Nebula

    Is it really that difficult not to cheat?? How hard is it to keep your pants up. I really dont understand why people cheat.

  • DreTruth

    When your scared of what’s different it’s easy being racist. I don’t care if you don’t like the color of my skin because you’ll be treated the same way one day.

  • bahamas/chicago/cayman girl

    Like Tiger, Jesse was a complete moron to believe that he could have an affair with some random chic and not get pimped out! I hope SB has a pre-nup!

  • Caramel Cat™

    Ummmm, for some reason I think that Sandra knew exactly what she was married to and for all we know she and Jesse both hold racist views themselves…Just sayin’, stop giving her the hail mary treatment so much, there’s a reason why people ‘hook up’ with each other in the 1st place…I don’t know Sandy like that…

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