Mariah Carey Take Your Own Advice… “When It’s Gone, It’s Gone… IT’S A WRAP FOR YOU BABY!!!”

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Mariah Carey should go ahead and just let it all go at this point before she ends up on the ‘WTF Happen List‘. She was set to release a remix album, ‘Angels Advocate’, but the label decided to pull the plug on that little project.

SMH… Mariah Only has 3 Options at this Point

1. Start Putting Out Oldie but Goodie Albums
2. Go Sit Down, Make a Baby and Enjoy life with Nick Cannon the Butler
3. Get Back to the Basics… Pick Up the Phone and Call Jermaine Dupri

What do you think Mariah Carey should do???


  • Yomama

    I think she should go sit down at this point…

  • SimplePleasures

    Call Jermaine.

  • nino


  • Lioness

    she called Jermaine on the remixes..and thats the one that got canned.

  • BigD

    Her voice is all but gone and everyone knows it. She needs to sit down and live off her empire.

  • Renee

    Option 2,but lose some weight first. That baby weight after 40 is hard to get off.

  • Cool Breeze

    Personally the music industry is overcrowed with garbage. The music industry must be held at a higher standard as far as music is concerned. To many one hit wonders: Wacka Flocka

  • Dway

    give up..!!!!

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)

    I’ll take Option 2 for 300 Alex….


    are u people serious name one new comer beside meline f than can sang as good mariah…………and i aint even a fan.

  • Maureen

    Mariah needs to back to her “Honey” “Heartbreaker” “Vision of Love” days. We already have enough Auto-tune nonsense on the radio. Sometimes people just want to hear the beauty of a HUMAN VOICE and Mariah has one of the most gorgeous voices of all time. Mariah, give Jermaine a call and please put out that old good stuff we all love! :)

  • Tee-sha

    She has a God given talent so it’s whatever God says not you… I am so glad God don’t think or act like us he wont turn his back on you but people will. One minute they love you and the next they turn their backs on you. Thank you God for loving us and never turning your backs on us..

  • GuessWho

    MiMi need to go on head and make that Gospel album

  • Jane Doe

    I would say #2 and i mean that in the most respectful way.

  • NY Baby

    Mariah needs to do what everyone else is doing and get vh1 to do a reality show bout her life with nick cannon or something……

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