VP Joe Biden Puts His Foot In His Mouth AGAIN… Drops The F-Word On Live National TV

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Vice President Joe Biden is notorious for saying things that he shouldn’t say when the cameras is on and a microphone is present. Right before President Obama was about to give his speech after signing the new Health Care Reform Bill, Joe Biden had a couple of words to share…

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The look on President Obama’s face when Joe Biden whispered in his ear “This is a BIG F**KIN’ DEAL” was like a Mastercard commercial:

1. Setting Up a Press Conference – $2,000
2. Allowing Everyone in the US to be Healthy and have Heatlhcare – $800 Billion
3. The look on Obama’s face when Joe Biden whispered in his ear “This is a BIG F**KIN’ DEAL” on Live TV… PRICELESS!!!


  • Peenut


  • MiyaLion

    ….wow who cares.

  • MiyaLion

    i mean…it IS a big fkkin deal

  • cush33

    I didn’t hear the f word

  • musicman

    i couldn’t hear it…

  • http://ShearObsession.blogspot.com Debi LaTouche

    I don’t hear it

  • http://ShearObsession.blogspot.com Debi LaTouche

    oh nevermind I heard it. Thats a shame, he couldn’t hold his tongue for five minutes?

  • Miss Ace

    oh joe

  • Interesting....

    I am glad that I am not the only one that didn’t hear! We all know that President Obama is the “MAN”. They just need to figure it out…and they will, eventually.

  • mouth

    Feels good to have honest humans on our team. Humans curse.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mialovesu_not Mia Faagai-Fualaau

    lmao i could hear it hahahahahahaha

  • http://www.myspace.com/MOTHERSHIP100 MOTHERSHIP

    And? It was a fucckin’ big deal! He ain’t lie!!

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)

    Oh c’mon, how old are we again? I dont see the big deal-most of y’all been cussin since u were 3yrs old.


  • Mock Rock Star

    U’re damn right this is a big f*ckin deal!!!

  • YummyYummyBunny!!! Ladies Take Care of Yourself First


    But Biden is right this is A BIG DEAL

    Obama’s first piece of REAL Legislation work

    Just in time before midterms


    The Happy Bunny

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