A List of Erotic Fill-In-The-Blank Messages

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Good day Bossip Readers! Living in this technologically savvy age where the internet, e-mail and text messages are the most efficient ways to communicate instantaneously, the days of sending letters through the mail are all but obsolete. Long gone are the days when folks had to wait to until you picked up the phone, respond to the messages you left on the answering machine or stalk the mailbox to hear or read what’s on their loved ones mind. Instead, we text, e-mail and skype. Why? Because we want it all and we want it NOW! In previous generations there was a certain amount of patience that was required, somewhat devoid of impulse. A certain amount of imagination and mystery that was present before we were able to simply “text a pic” of our body parts that special person. Well, today let’s take it back to pen and paper scented with the perfume or cologne that your lady/man loves to sniff off your neck. Here is a list of erotic teasers that you can build and make your own! These can be raunchy or romantic … it can go either way! But be creative, step outside the obvious and paint a picture of your thoughts for your significant other! Fellas, don’t be macho, for this is a great way to show you’re paying attention and willing to be romantic!

Dearest ________,

As I rushed to get ready this morning, I took still shots of you in my head of you as you lay in bed reading the paper. I can still see your ________ and _______ so clearly. If I had the time, I would have __________ to get your attention because that kiss I snatched just before leaving wasn’t _________. Even now I’m getting _________ just thinking about tasting your _________ and feeling my _________ on your __________.

I was awakened from a dream that I didn’t want to part from last night. I found myself clenching my __________ and was _________ because you weren’t there. My sheets empty, but in my dream they were draped over your ________ just enough for me to see your _________. I reached under and grazed your _________ with my _______. You were still sleep so I kissed your _________ to wake you. You returned my stare and said __________. You seemed so ________ when I snatched the sheets off you and __________. I can still hear you _________ and feel your body _________ while I was _________ you.

Last night you looked so _________. If we weren’t in the presence of others, I would have ________ off your _________. I don’t think you know how badly I ________ you, my body aches for your __________. To feel you whisper on my _________ while I run my hands down your _________. It feels so _________ as your ________ slips from my lips. I can feel your heart racing while your __________ shutters with __________.

________ you feels so _______ to me. When we ________ you fill me up with ______. The way you ________me against the _______still shoots ________ through my ________. Your hands around my ________ I gasp for air and bite your _______. I love the way you _______ when I’m riding your _______ and how you pull at my ________ when you say ________. I can’t get enough of your ________.

I want you to _______ every inch of my _______. Would you like it if I _______ you until the sun breaks through the night? You and I _________ so ________ it feels as though you were ________ for my ________ . Tell me that it’s my _________ while I watch you ________ while I’m __________ your dripping and delicious ________. Our bodies ________ together while we ________ harder and ________. Your body drips with ________ and you _________ with excitement.

Your _______ is so good. Can I _____ your ______ with my ______ tonight? Will you do that thing with your _________ that makes me _______ every time? I can’t wait for you to ________ your ________ all over my _________ until it gets slippery with ________. Don’t for get to wear those _________ that make my ________ just watching you _________ in them. Leave them on while we _________ on the ________ tonight.

I was watching you __________ in the kitchen the other day. I could see your ________ through your _________. I couldn’t take my eyes off your ________ as they moved up and down while you were ___________. I don’t know what stopped me from sneaking a touch through your ___________. We would’ve ended up ________ on the ________. Instead of taking off your _________ I would’ve moved them to the side so I can keep watch of your __________ while I _______ you _________.

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