Are You Feeling This Get Up?

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Hair today, gone tomorrow… We see Ms. Badu is pulling out all the stops for this new album. It doesn’t take much to figure out what inspired this look.

Erykah’s latest promo picture looks just like the human version of her cover art.

It seems like Erykah and her team put a lot into the design on this project. Here’s what they had to say :

[One of the tracks off New Amerykah] “Out My Mind Just In Time” is also the title of the cover art for NEW AMERYKAH PART TWO, which is a collaboration between Erykah Badu and famed artist and poster designer EMEK, who also designed the inspired packaging for New Amerykah Part One. The new album cover depicts an underwater image of Badu wearing a suit of armor that symbolizes the tough exterior she developed to protect herself from the harsh realities of life. The armor is her old shell and now she’s liberating herself from it by climbing out of her own head so that she can be reborn. Her tuning fork is summoning the vibrations of the universe and the purple-colored tree of life and purple sky represent the 7th Chakra—the Crown Chakra right above her third eye shield, which represents peace, wisdom, and spirituality. The numerical theme of three is symbolized by three moons, three hidden babies, three trees, and three ankhs. Closer inspection reveals that Badu’s shoulders are surrounded by many of the same objects that filled her abstract afro on the cover of New Amerykah Part One, including handcuffs, a foreclosed home, fast food, cigarettes, broken chains, and a military tank. Here, those items represent refuse and rubble from which new life grows into a vibrant garden of colorful flowers blossoming all around her.

In keeping with the concept of the cover art, NEW AMERYKAH PART TWO taps into Badu’s emotional side by thematically focusing on romance and relationships. “With Part One, I was standing at an apex, looking at what was going on around me politically, socially, and economically,” Badu explains. “With PART TWO, I’m hovering over me, looking at what’s going on inside of me.

Gotta love that kind of creativity!

We were gonna suggest somebody get Gaga on the “Telephone” and point out how to be unique and groundbreaking without being irresponsible and inappropriate but we noticed Erykah got bucky naked for her “Window Seat” video too.


  • Jamillah

    I think the photo is very artistic. I’m not sure what she’s implying with all that symbolism, but the ankh definitely represents positivity.

  • LeahLeah

    Sometimes I wonder what happeneds in some peoples life to make them go crazy…..

  • lisa

    She’s is beautiful!

  • theeeheeee

    why does she have the name of god painted on her? is she god? does she even believe in the one and only lord of the worlds? people are gonna be talking about this one

  • BritChick

    Ah I see the symbolism. It’s cool. I just don’t think she should be making this too public.

    Something to balance out the gaga-rihanna-beyonce machine I suppose.

    Spiritual war has been made manifest.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 21 Days. DAXN, Y'ALL SOME FICKLE AZZ PEOPLE!!

    I LOVE IT!!

    IT IS HOT!!!


  • !!!!!


  • Bee

    she looks good

  • http://bossip miss dior

    She’s weird and kooky.

  • bluekid

    I love Erykah’s music, she needed not to go on the deep in to try and sell her music by using symbols and all, it want help her album sells, her album will sell as it is suppose too. The symbols will not help or hinder, for those who are in the know of the symbols, it just looks so desperate, when she doesn’t have to be.

  • Erykah and her gimmicks...

    Just sing already…enuff with the gimmicks!








  • musicmama

    i see you grady!

  • bluekid

    Mock Rock Star

    3/27/10, 01:49:am

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    Why can’t you just be yourself, why do you have to hang with anyone? Know one is not saying Tupac wasn’t confused, what we saying is he was making a turning point in his life and he never got to live to make that positive change before his untimely death.

    The American Indian is just as lost as you seem to be. Black do not idolize Tupac, we just saw the change. Tupac life was on the line long before the los Vegas fight and that is not the reason why he was killed and he was suppose to die that day and there was many co-conspirators in the game of killing Tupac,

    Tupac was beginning to preach about the Illuminati in the music business. Tupac made a lot of mistakes in his life, humans usually do, but he was on his way to redemption and that is what got him killed. You don’t go back on the devil.

    Black people don’t uplift the wrong people, and if you think white people up lift the right people than, I guess you feel Hitler is a OK dude. American Indian are still trying to find their identity because they are being breaded out with the white race.

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