Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement

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Well look who decided to leave the costumes in the closet!!!

This week Kelis hosted a dinner presented by Belvedere Vodka to celebrate the launch of her upcoming album Flesh Tone where she also revealed her passion for cooking. Pop the hood for the menu and a few photos of her looking like a normal human being.

Guests including Interscope-Geffen-A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine, DJ Benny Benassi, DJ Rashida, Chicago Bears player Adewale Ogunieye, Kansas City Chiefs player Thomas Jones, DJ/musician Calvin Harris, Burns, Jack Splash and more were treated to Belvedere cocktails and the following menu — created and prepared by Kelis.

First Course Selections: *Capuria’s* stuffed with crab meat and an apple jalapeno relish with sweet corn puree; * Duck Confit Salad* with pomegranate vinaigrette; *Coconut Lobster Soup*
Second Course Selections: *Fried Red Snapper* with Jasmine Rice; *Ribeye* with Pineapple Confit
Dessert Selections: *Mango Mousse En Toile*; *Chocolaté Grand Marnier Bread Pudding*; *Strawberry Vanilla Beggars Purse*

Kelis this look works a helluva lot better than the other getups we’ve seen you in lately. You could’ve been a total Betty but we see that fugly looking nose ring and it just kills it for us. We guess old weirdo ways die hard.


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