What In The Clown Nation… Missy Elliott, Is That You?!?!

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Monica held her album release party at Opera nightclub in Atlanta on Thursday night. Missy Elliott decided to crawl from under a rock and show her face. We don’t get to see Missy often but DAYYUMM… Who The Hell Let her Walk Out of the House Like That???

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Frankie made an appearance at the party also, looking like she’s fresh out of rehab. After seeing this pic where it looks like Keyshia’s BFF Monica is consoling Frankie, we wouldn’t be surprised if Frankie and Keyshia started speaking again…

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  • wendy "Ms. good"

    I think Moncia looks good for her release party but Missy’s outfit is played out…Her hair looks good…

  • MJFlan

    Isn’t that how she always looks?

  • SO WHAT....

    Monica looks lovely. For a split second I though Missy was Estelle.

  • im not shocked

    And to think , I used to want to hang out with the in crowd and be at places like that. Now that I am a little older and much wiser, its so refreshing to not have the desire to be around the blind sheep of hiphop/r & b folks. they look tired and phoney…another album release party for a washed up artist… ATL has a mentality that is scary. broke people pretending to be rich.

  • im not shocked

    I wonder if missy was paying them taxes when she was spending so much money on purple lambourghinis and ferraris , benz , and hummers… not to mention all those expensive homes she had to showoff on MTV cribs? I wonder if she still have thst loot…. just saying tho

  • seriously?

    missy you need a new look

  • berryjuice

    Missy looks like she had a stroke.

  • rain

    Monica u rock,f@ck the others

  • rain

    Missy doin her thing ,leave her along

  • Big Red..."My Office Hours Are From 9 To 5"

    Man she looks rough, like somebody gave her a black eye. Lol

  • http://sknoxkb@gmail.com koffybrown

    @Big Red too funny!The Five HeartBeats!lol! I love Monica I will always be a fan,Missy that’s just a bad picture of her.

  • kit

    missy look like a bull dog in the face

  • Moreaces

    I went to a concert severl years ago here in DC, and it was with Bey, A. Keys, Missy, and I forget the other performer, I think it was Mya, but Missy did the thang, She is not ageing well, not sure what it is, but maybe she just needs to take better care of herself, She is still my girl though..

  • MsConsciousOne

    I am so happy for Monica! The return of “real” music always brings a smile to my face.


    Well Monica’s dress is too mature for her, make-up is simple and she did not comb all the parts in her head when she took out her rollers. Frankie looks good to be in her 60’s and she’s not actin like a donkey. And Missy is just Missy she never has been on the glamorous side so what’s the big deal!

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