Dayummmmmm! Jamie Foxx And Friends Hit Howard Stern And Robin With A Verbal Beatdown

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Howard Stern’s comments about Jamie Foxx’s “The Notorious Precious” set off a hilarious, obscene group beatdown on Foxx’s radio show. Jamie and his crew also had plenty of comments for Robin “She Was Once Black” Quivers covering everything from her “House Ni****ish” ways to her admission that she used to get her freak on with food. Pop the hood to listen.

The attack on Howard and Robin is MERCILESS!!! And expletive filled, so you may want to reach for the headphones…

Jamie admits he’s trying to start a high-profile feud. Bossip is only to happy to help a brotha out with that.


  • tell it like it is...

    Robin and Howard had this coming.

  • Ummmm

    Jokes about child molestation…not CUTE!!I don’t even know how anyone could think child molestation is funny.


    For real I can’t understand why Robin goes along with that racist bulls h i t howard stern promotes!!!!

  • WhatAWorld

    Bout time……

  • laylah

    Robin is a pawn…
    just like every other black woman who thinks theyre in cahoots with white people.


    I can’t understand why Robin goes along with that racist rhetoric Howard Stern spews out of his Mr. Incredible aka “rubber face” mouth!!!

    Howard Stern needs to STFU!

  • Paris Carter

    dis make me wanna work on radio even more now lol

  • WhatAWorld

    @White Women Rule

    Dead argument,EVERYBODY in Hollywood has secrets that they don’t want anybody.And you think Howard never used “Oral manipulation” to get were he wants to go.HAHAHHAHAHAH try again!

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Already read about this elsewhere but just couldn’t help but LOL @ this headline!

  • peaches

    Whatever Jamie did he never dis gabby like howard and robin, and the way they did it. I would like to see what type of response howard and robin has for this because they really have no defense. Howard and robin both is a jerk and if howard was black the plug for him and his show would have been pulled a long time ago.

  • Theorius Stylez

    That wasn’t funny.

  • MS. A.


  • nikki


  • Mock Rock Star

    Theorius Stylez

    3/27/10, 19:25:pm

    That wasn’t funny.

    I totally agree


    she should of not been running her mouth with Howard Stern…about Precious ” Gabby” that is what she get…..

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