Khia Says “When You Got Money Like Lil’ Wayne And Tiger Woods, You Can Have As Many Wives As You Want!!!”

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Khia must have an album coming out because she is taking shots at all the female “so-called” emcees. First it was Trina, now it’s Nicki Minaj but before we even get to that, check out what she had to say about Lil Wayne and all his babies…

“I’m just letting him sow all his royal oats and have fun. I’m his biggest fan…I don’t want no babies I’m gonna let them have all the babies that they want. He’s the king, he can have all the wives that he can take care of….when you have as much money as Lil Wayne and Tiger Woods you can have all the wives that you want.”

Is Lil Wayne choppin’ down Khia too????

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  • aleximaq

    Ahhhh…this broad again….????

  • Coll3ge Knowl3dge

    Not gonna lie I still listen to my neck my back. HAHAHAHA

  • WhatAWorld

    Irrelevant Alert!

  • nino

    this B I TCH is ugly

  • ObamaFan ( formerly known as SouthFlaHoney)

    Oh Gawd would this ignant wench just STFU….

  • I Am Legend

    that is the definition of airbrushed …she is ugly as can be

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)

    Re-file this sh!!t ASAP!

    Hoe sit down
    Who cares??
    When keepin it real goes wrong
    When the checks stop coming in
    Random Ridiculousness
    Whats wrong with this pic?

    Damn this dirty broad gives us alot to work with!

  • resurrected

    I think that really depends on the woman if you have your own money then a man can’t make you feel worthless without it… To many woman are willing to live with a very disrepectful men for money when if they use there time and resources right this does not have to be an options for many woman…

  • gloria

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    I would like to invite you to join my circle of friends on

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  • Shawn of the Living

    Of course this is her train of thought….She’s not in a relationship unless there are atleast 3 other broads involved on some level. This is her version of “love”. Let her continue to live in her “Ghetto Paradise”……she speaks for hoodrats..not real women.

  • Caramel Cat™

    This chick always looks like she’s got dust on her, or like she missed a crevice when taking her daily shower…

  • RazeKane




  • 6 Figgaz

    Hold up, this tr*ck thinks Weezy’s cake is on par with that Blasian dude? LOL!

  • HF

    “when you have as much money as Lil Wayne and Tiger Woods you can have all the wives that you want.”

    Say what u want about Khia, but that apparently that doesn’t make what she said NOT true. I doubt if Weezy worked the graveyard shift stocking the shelves at SafeWay, Lauren London and Nivea would have got caught up at the same time. If Tiger mopped floors at Popeye’s, Erin or Elin or whatever her name is, would have been and gone already.

    Nothing makes a dude more attractive than a fat bank account. Khia may b trashy, but that don’t make her wrong in this case.

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