Pay Yo Bills: Kelis WANTED For Walking Away Without Paying For Weave

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SMH… We can’t believe Kelis pays $5,000 for her hair to look like that. Well, she’s supposed to pay $5,000, but she skipped out on the bill. Pop the hood for details.

Kelis just got a legal smackdown over a $5,000 hair weave.

Kelis got the weave at a fancy schmancy Santa Monica salon back in May 2009 but, according to legal docs, the singer never paid for her ‘do.

This morning, the stylist showed up for the trial, but Kelis didn’t … so the judge entered a default judgment for the full amount.

From the looks of some of her styles, maybe Kelis should be the one who sues.



  • bealady

    Trifling hoodrat! Where is that Nas money going? Lol

  • chaka1

    She is really starting to suk…

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Shoot,I would refuse to pay 5k just to have my hair looking like that! lol
    I like Kelis & all but c’mon now.

  • TheReal Tasha_Mack

    weaved what? her public hair

  • blkjolie

    We are in a recession. How are people charging 5k for a ponytail??

  • blkjolie

    5k for a RAT Tail ????

  • buggin_out

    no matter how much money you have, if you pay $5000 for a hairstyle YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Black people we got to do better…

  • Laugh Factor

    LOL @ ThatReal…

  • RedboneKillBill

    I just know Nas continues to kick himself for ever being involved.

  • Big_nose

    What is it with all those rich people not paying their bills?

  • J

    I would’nt have paid for that mess eighther!!!

  • KEYZ80

    oooooooh, kelis knows she is wrong for that hair dont , all that $$$$$$$$, and thats the best she could come up with….. it makes me think….

  • BrownHornet

    If I were Nas I would take her butt back to court and get some of that money back.

  • myfunntvalentine

    doesnt nas pay her child support and like a grip of money to support her lifestyle so why this female cant pay for her weave. thats trifiling with a capital T


    5000 your kidding who would pay that anyway let alone something that looks like that

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