Pay Yo Bills: Kelly Rowland Is Desperately Seeking…

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Kelly Rowland is trying her hardest to make a comeback.  She’s even gone as far as looking for major sponsors to feature products in her new music video.

More details on the flip.

Universal/Motown Records sent out a mass email calling all major companies to feature products in Kelly’s new video.  Peep this:

“We are currently seeking brands who want to partner with us for the upcoming (Grammy-winning, platinum-selling) Kelly Rowland music video for the first single off of her new album. We are primed for an outstanding project. This will be a video that is serviced around the world.”

Damn… Could they oversell this chick anymore. If we didn’t know sh*t about entertainment we would think Kelly was the business. SMH



  • Lei

    haha wow

  • bossipsucks

    she is the business u morons!!!what kinda ugly self hating idiot runs this blog!!uggh

  • 2010Negro

    kelly is irrelevant and thats why she has to beg for sponsors…..

    other artists (like the ones with more than two solo HIT SONGS) are hounded by sponsors and are paid millions to endorse products without having to solicit….

    the only time kelly rowland ate was when beyonce was providing, nelly was guesting and the gays were feeling “when love takes over”

    maybe if she inflates her boob implants she may stand a chance…….

  • me

    solo career was over before it started, come on people lets be real…i don’t understand why type of sound she’s going for, i just want her to give it up

  • kalifa

    LOL @2010Negro……
    “the only time kelly rowland ate was when beyonce was providing, nelly was guesting and the gays were feeling “when love takes over”

    so true…..

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Come on Kelly, you know you need to be down with Baphomet to make it on no talent. Just ask Gaga and Rihanna.

  • licker rue

    Why do blogs always exaggerate the truth. People go read the real article on google.

  • seriously?

    all artists do this. get off her tip

  • loso

    People kelly has plenty money have yall not seen her place in miami on south beach it is mad nice I live down here in miami and we love her like crazy. Kelly just won a grammy and had a #1 song in 10 countries including the US and she is about to shut it down with her new single called “Commander” it is a certified banger and her vocals are amazing. Haters on this blog might as well give it up because kelly has the gays, whites, and some black people including me on her side. She don’t need you hoodlums cause yall bootleg everything anyway. Lets go Kelly drop this new single and take over the world again.



  • Val

    why dont she just ask her REAL daddy for some money- I’m sure papa knowles can fork over a few bucks!

  • TGIF

    poor kelly always gets the shortest stick… always- why doesnt she just ask her REAL daddy- “mr screw you raw dog papa knowles” for a few bucks- smdh

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    I thought she was doing pretty well in Europe? Oh well,guess not.

    I like Kelly,she’s beautiful,with a great voice.
    IMO she was THEE voice of DC.

    Wish her the best!

  • sarah

    LOL at all these haters. Desperately seeking news about celebrities and celebrating the bad news.

    Its coz all you lot have no lives, no money (and you damn well know Kellys got money as much as u try to be in denial) you feel just that little bit better when you see others fail.

    Like it or not Kellys new song will be a hit, she will get more money in one month then you’ll see in your lifetime, and you all are just gonna dig a hole in the ground and cry.

  • TRUTH IS....

    leave that gurl alone….she prolly didnt sacrifice enough to become big….axe beybey

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