Guess The Tennis-Playing Cakes

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Guess The Cakes

Guess the celebrity who brought her cakes to the beach yesterday for a little sun and fun? This one shouldn’t be hard at all…

Serena Friends Beach Football Hike

Serena Williams was spotted hanging with her girls out (in more ways than one) in Miami yesterday. She looks like she could probably give a few NFL players a run for their money.


  • thatbrutha


  • Giselle

    Those cakes look gross

  • Angel

    That suit looks way too small for her.


    I’m in a strange place with her.I’d breed with her if I was looking to be a father…because the chirruns would be off-the-chart STUDS in pretty much every way.Yet I DO NOT find her attractive…and I can pretty well predict how tragic that’s gonna look when she’s no longer a pro-athlete.A day that is fast approaching.

  • Bri


    I agree!

  • Silent Swagg

    ??very weird to have a glove on at the beach

  • Kutthroat

    These hoes love showin everybody their azz she know damn well that bikini is too small you can see her underwear underneath TACKY

  • Terry Threatt

    thats a nice piece lol…

  • Jess

    To all the people hating on Serena…Lets see a pic of your flat, wide, cottage cheese behinds……HATERS HATE FOR A REASON….Jealousy maybe….You can tell by the posts whom looks like what….I’m Texas bread and fed so I love to see women with nice behinds like me and even still I don’t hate on those that don’t have a big butt. By now if you grown you know that people only put down others that they want to be or look like. Deuces HATERS :P LOL

  • .

    lol. how did i know.

    i guessed right

  • kaulo

    that’s why black folks go to P-E-R-E-Z HILTON

  • kaulo

    we dont linke black on black hate

  • Robb


  • Cutie

    Yeah her azz IS fat but the surrounding areas are gross…

  • Marquis de Sade

    Dr. Funk

    Can you imagine if she breeds with Terrell Owens? Their offspring would usher in a new breed of athlete.

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