Divorce Deposition Claims Dwyane Wade Wasn’t The One With The Dirty D*ck… Siohvaughn Got That Clap From Her Sidepiece

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Dwyane and Siohvaughh Ugly Divorce

The divorce between Dwyane and Siohvaugh Wade is getting U-G-L-Y!!! In the 300 page document that Dwyane Wade filed, it stated that Andrea Williams, a friend of the Wade family, claims that Siohvaughn Wade disclosed to her that another man that she was having an affair with gave her an STD… DAYYUMMM!!!!!!

That shocking STD accusation in NBA star Dwyane Wade’s divorce is a big nasty lie, according to sworn testimony.

Siohvaughn Wade has claimed in legal docs the Miami Heat guard gave her chlamydia. But during a deposition, Andrea Williams … a close friend of the Wades — claimed Siohvaughn told her she contracted the disease from another man.

Williams testified in her depo, Siohvaughn was seeing another man during her marriage — and claims she was present in 2007 when Mrs. Wade accused the boyfriend of giving her the STD.

But enough about chlamydia. Williams also claims in her depo that Siohvaughn bought a T-Mobile cell phone for her BF. Dwyane is a T-Mobile spokesperson.

It’s Getting UGLY!!!!



  • real black is chocolate

    Dwyane my nikka. he’s dating only real dark-skinned black women!

  • http://myspace.com/embalmingfashionista embalmingfashionista

    i hope she didnt lie about him giving it to her. i always thought he seemed like a loving family man and she drags his name in the mud wit some shizz like this? HE’S YOUR KIDS FATHER STUPID….WHEN THEY GOOGLE HIM, THEY’LL HAVE TO READ THIS STUFF.

  • juliemango

    Slap in the face with that T-mobile move!!!

  • Marquis de Sade

    These are nothin’ more than lies and fabrications to besmirch the reputaion of D. Wade’s estrange (yet morally) upstandin’ wife…Sides’ everybody knows that black women are morally incapable of cheatin’ (let alone) ADULTERY! :lol:

  • Theorius Stylez

    Do any of you guys still want to be married?

  • memchee

    …nothing but he say she say, but it is getting like a bad soap opera!!!

  • http://yahoo inessa

    if it were the other way around,you woud have seen all this heffas here sayin how dwayne is disrespectful and like ALL BLACK MEN and this and that!!

  • I'll Aways Be...

    Where r the medical records?

  • Britchick91!


  • memchee

    @ I’ll Always Be…

    Where r the medical records?

    I was wondering the same thing. They’re gonna need more proof than he say, she say.

  • smittyt

    So much for black women, always claiming that they,re always the ones who get mistreated by the black man, like they,re just so nice and sweet and do no wrong, it goes to prove that a good black woman is hard to find too,even when a black man has money so what,s their excuse now.

  • son of just ice

    the ugliest thing about this situation is dwayne wades’s wife. take a look at her smile its 9/10 ths gum tissue. she has those tiny dolphin teeth. he should be granted a divorce based on marrying an ugly woman out of pity. Gabrielle Union is a complete and total upgrade

  • jdmann

    Money..Money…Money..more money more problems… Diddy might be ruthless but he did leave us with that bit of wisdom..


    Women love a man in uniform


    Don’t believe the hype DWADE can pay anyone to say anything!

  • TRUTH IS....

    she aint even cute….gabby is way more gorgeous…no competition there…gabby should be worried about getting some std….

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