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Here are some stills from the taping of Ne-Yo’s new video “Miss Independent” with Trey Songz, Lauren London, Keri Hilson, and Gabrielle Union.  Is it just us, or did Trey Songz finally get rid of those wack ass cornrows?  That’s definitely a good look for him.  The ladies look lovely as well.

More imagery is just underway…


  • VerbalKinte


    Did you see the video of the employee taking a bath in the BURGER KING kitchen sink? watch now at

  • Babyliece

    Trey looks sooooo cute!! Beautiful cast for the video – MINUS NEYO funny lookin self!

  • liz

    errrrr, bosip yall are hella late, he cut off his braids more than a month ago now, did a video and everything …like omarion just did.

  • bitterness

    i like the braids more.

  • southernbella

    Lauren London is goregous… I think I have a crush in her…and I’m a girl. oh yea and Nia Long….Two of the industries finest….

    And I guess since Gabby can’t get no real acting gigs she has resulted in becoming a video girl…Gotta stay relevant and still get them party evites some way…

    Btw, I cant stand her.

  • sniper

    Hahaha – there’s nothing in those Binders!

    Those Fakers! They didn’t do no paperwork!

  • sniper

    @ southernbella

    I’m glad Gabby aint getting acting gigs – she’s lousy at acting – eg. in Bad Boys 2

  • Jaxon (Missing you...)

    1st Omarion and now Trey Songz…THANK YOU!

    Isn’t Gabby a little past her due date to be in a Trey Songz video??

  • Jaxon (Missing you...)


    cosign the girlcrushes and I’m as staight as they come

    I thought people became video girls and then tried to act…homegirl got it all twisted

  • mzsweetface

    Since when is Gabrielle Union starring in music videos? I thought her career was finally taking off even though i’m not crazy about her acting skills. LL looks cute as always. Not crazy about this song, but I can’t wait to watch the vid.

  • Lela

    Wow Lauren London looks gorgeous!!! I love her..

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Trey Songs looks 100% better without the braids!


    Trey looks hottttt

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  • southernbella

    Gabby seems so fake to me and she’s so typecast.. I really hated her in Daddy’s Little Girl. I wanted to hurl my popcorn at the screen She always plays the “good sophisticated successful black women” its like damn do you have any versitilty…the only movie where she played something different is in Running With Sissors. (loves that movie, btw)She plays a lesbian dating Annette Benning. Every other movies she’s in besides Bring It On, I cannot watch…

    Ewww to Gabby….she needs to learn to switch it up a little!

  • Fellow Houstonian

    The ladies look great, and Trey, that is a good look for him, some grown man chit. Neyo, I feel the same way as always, very handsome and would surely get it!!

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