What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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Kimora Dare Me

Kimora Lee Simmons stays on her grind for sure. She has a new fragrance out now called “Dare Me” and the ad is above. Something is looking a bit “off” here, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. Perhaps you guys can help us out.

What Is Wrong With This Picture???


  • http://www.mrsday.com Mrs.Day

    Violation! Photoshop abuse! Kimora is NOT that skinny!

  • Nique (Cuz I'm a laaady)

    She’s gonna have to cut back on the sushi and fufu if she trying to get that small!

  • obby

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  • STFU


  • http://www.dotopps.com/ www.DOTOPPS.com

    LMAO!! She been dared.


    Even Stevie wonder can see what’s wrong with this picture…they taking the photoshop too far!! Horrible :0


    That body is off…..lol…..thats young kimora’s body….lol….plus she missing the rolls in her neck…..

  • JumpoFF

    C’mon son..GTFOH Who’s body is that?

  • brrrickhouse

    She looks like she’s not matching. i guess that’s the style now cuz everybody is dressing and looking crazy. i still love ya kimora

  • STFU

    That is her oldest daughter…LMAO! Well, Ming will look like that in 10 years but prettier.

  • voguecovagurl

    she hasn’t been that skinny since 88.

  • YaYa Sisterhood

    Kimora has not been this size since she was 16.

  • Nigerian Wifey

    Her DA*& legs are 20 ft long and we all know Kimora is not that skinny! Kudos to the photoshop team! No one is original anymore! I’m FIRST!!!!

  • LaDanseuse

    Answer: Aside from the face, that is NOT Kimora. Thats probably Chanel Iman’s body, smh..

  • Let's Be Real...

    She is definitely not THAT slim! Can we say AIRBRUSH..hello! Love Kimora though!

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