Alicia Keys Launches A Blog ‘I Am A SuperHomewrecker’

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What’s the best way to make ensure you get all the positive press you want without any mention of your scandalous relationship with a married producer? Do like Alicia Keys and start your own media outlet! Pop the hood for details.

The R&B songstress is currently advertising on for a head blogger for her new website, (aka I Am A Superwoman) which is scheduled to launch in July.

“With, I’ll be displaying my ‘voice’ in a different way and need just the right person to help me express a point of view that I don’t think exists yet in the blog world,” says the singer in a statement.

If she means a point of view that will play blind to her homewreckin’ ways and treat her solely as a very talented Mother Theresa, she’s damned right!

Good luck with this little venture ‘Licia, but why don’t you just stick to singing and leave the blogging to us!



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