Stephen Smith Says “A Man’s Goal Is To Sleep With As Many Women As Possible!!!”

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Stephen Smith on The View

Fox Sports radio host, Stephen Smith, visited the women of The View and spoke on behalf of men. He says:

“The reality is, is that most men don’t want to be monogamous, they just find themselves in that type of situation.”

It sounds like Stephen is trying to make an excuse for all men that cheat, but we want to know what do you think…

Pop the Top for Stephen’s Statement:

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  • anthony1888

    1st… That’s not true.


    I think Mr. Smith has a bad case of “FOOT IN MOUTH ” disease.

  • siaraS

    i think that has some truth to it …

  • darkstarja

    Ha Ha

  • Miss u much MJJ

    To a certain extent he is right. Not all men but A LOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    No, a young man’s goal or a young-minded man’s goal MAY BE to sleep with as many women as possible but there are those of us to which this does not apply, in particular MATURE men…

    That hitting the club EVERY weekend and dealing with a bunch of different women gets old after a while…

    Once a man MATURES he ain’t on that “playa” bullsh*t…

    Would it be alright if women got down like this and/or had this “I don’t want to be monogamus” mindset, LOL :-)

  • Sooo What

    I think most men do what women allow. A lot of women would like to step out on their men but out of fear that most men won’t be able to deal with a women being unfaithful they don’t. If women would stop accepting the men just cheat line and hold them accountable a lot more men would think about what they have to lose!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 8 Days. Bossip is like a bad accident...I cannot look away!!!

    I think younger men think this way. I say 33-35 years old is when they want to start settling down.


    this fool try to bash tiger woods on cnn and fox news talking all that, now he’s on the view acting like he the man, you weak partner, just keep putting your foot in your mouth…

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 8 Days. Bossip is like a bad accident...I cannot look away!!!

    Apparently a man’s goal is also to catch as many STD’s as possible and hope they have a cure.

    You can cleary see why these diseases are still in existence and are still spreading like wildfires.

  • Remorji

    I am married and have been for the past 7 years, and I want other women. I look at women lustfully everyday, but I don’t act upon it. I look at what I could lose and say to myself it is not worth it. I agree with Stephen wholeheartedly.

  • www.The Perfect

    Biologically, historically and pre-historically there is some truth to his words.

    Harsh reality.

  • Sam

    I must say this is true and false. What makes it true? When I was single my goal was to party and take a chick back to the house every night and hook up but now that I’m a taken man Im the complete opposite.

  • JerzoTheKing

    I love being in a relationship + monogamous. Don’t know what he’s talking about.

  • Nati Girl

    Why did I get married? … The ” 80/20 rule”

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