Swizz Beatz… Are You The Father???

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Rumor has it that Alicia Keys is not the only one Swizz Beatz was choppin’ down behind Mashonda’s back… New reports have surfaced claiming that Swizzy got caught slippin’ on a trip to the UK back in 2007 and an affair with another entertainer created the life of the precious child you see above. Pop the hood for details.

A Russian music website claims Swizzy has a two year-old-daughter with Moscow born singer Jahna Sebastian! IF this is true, the story goes:

“The two allegedly met at London famous club Ministry of Sound in August 2007. All her attempts to contact Swizz Beatz after realizing she was pregnant failed. So she did it with the help of her lawyers.

In July 2009 Swizz Beatz had to come to London to take the paternity test (it is reported that Alicia was there as well) and the results proved that he was indeed the father.

The singer, who now resides in London, addresses that since then she gets no financial support from her famous baby daddy.”

Since Swizz and Alicia have been dating for three years, that would mean he cheated on Alicia who he was creeping with while legally married to Mashonda!?

Compare Swizz’s rumored love child with photos of him and his son Kaseem Jr. in the photos below. Jahna Sebastian is also pictured.

We’re gonna need to see a DNA test before we buy this one, but it’s certainly a possibility since we already know Swizzy has been unfaithful.



  • DreTruth

    damn she and that baby is beautiful and yeah that baby favor him a hell of a lot.

  • Cutie

    If this is true…OMG! Wowsers!!!!

  • Cutie


    Shole d@mn do…

  • Outlandish On All Counts


  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    That girl looks just like his son…is it really that hard for him to wear a condom, jeez?!

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  • Outlandish On All Counts

    And that fool is UGLY, I dont get why he pullin all these pretty females

  • buttercupp

    I think “He da pappy”. Lol.
    That baby does favor him.

  • KAY23422

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  • anthony1888

    The irony of it all.

  • afdg

    You are the father. LOL. Cute kid

  • http://Bossip I'll Say It...

    That Baby is a CUTIE PIE!!!! He would want to claim that beautiful baby; not to mention that she favors him but that doesn’t mean anything. I just hope it all works out and Swiss doesn’t pull a Jay Z and pay the mother off to hide the kid!

  • Nosey!

    Damn well it just makes Mashonda seem like she was telling the truth oh well!

  • No you din't

    The baby’s eyes look just like Swizzy’s.

  • BigD

    Ha! Good for Alicia! That home wrecker just got wrecked herself! LMAO!!!

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