What The HELL??? YouTube Rapper Bangs Scores A Record Deal!!!

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Last week when we asked you guys to name the “Worst Rap Video” a number of you quickly nominated Sudanese rapper Bangs and his YouTube video “Let Me Take You To The Movies” but despite being the butt of many a joke, Bangs is taking his rap career very seriously and has already won himself a record distribution deal!!! Pop the hood for details.

We just received a press release announcing that Sudanese born, Australian artist, Bangs just signed a new distribution deal for his debut release, the single “Take U to Da Movies” with HSM Distribution.

Check out the details:

BANGS becomes the flagship artist for this emerging distribution and entertainment label which tout itself as
the Distribution (R)evolution. An entirely new way for artists to reach their target consumer and record buyer.

19-year old BANGSʼ fast-rising popularity is directly attributed to his video clip for “Take u to Da Movies”, going viral and catching on quickly without the help of any label backing. As BANGS had already captured international attention, it was important that his distribution company have the means to make his music available worldwide in a short time frame. A week after the contracts had been exchanged; HSM Entertainment has his single online with fans from all over the world able to purchase BANGSʼ music with the click of a button.

BANGS was born in North Khartoum, Sudan and spent two years in Egypt with his family before settling in Australia. A short 5
years after learning English BANGS recorded his track through a community outreach initiative at The Artful Dodgers Studios,
Gateway, Jesuit Social Services in collaboration with Living Music, a community centre and outreach program in Australia.

HSM Distribution is very excited about working with this budding artist and look forward to furthering BANGS’ music globally!

The release also reveals that Bangs recently performed to an audience of 53,000+ at Australia’s Big Day Out Tour with shows in both Syndey and Melbourne and is currently working on finishing his debut album “Hard to Be Up.”

We’ve got to admit, that for someone who just learned the language 5 years ago, Bangs isn’t as terrible of a rapper as he could be… but let’s be real… who is copping this album???


  • Sarah


  • SimplePleasures

    Who arranged it for his black a**, AKON? LOL!!!

  • http://wetcandyvideos.com thablackyoutube

    This is madness!!

  • Menominee_Nation

    Oh man my boy BANGS gets himself a deal? for some reason I would twist the biggest apache-land spliff ever to puff with BANGS, i give him credit for being true to self.



  • real black is chocolate


  • real black is chocolate

    but nikka is wack and fugly!!

    I always say the truth!

  • RazeKane


  • geelyreer

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  • white male

    he needs to rap about hoe’s and bling

  • I'm bambi *itch!

    Bangs is cool he’s in his own rap bubble. I think Jojo Simmons should feel bad now…

  • ATLNDAHouz

    LOL @ I’m bambi *itch! Jojo really should.
    Ain’ hating on Bangs, do u dawg!!!!!

  • Educated Diva

    @ real black is chocolate

    LMAO! U r a mess! Get it Akon #2!

  • Pimplife01

    Bangs is the truth God!!!

  • Educated Goon

    Ya Boy Bangs..

    He is a good rapper.. look up these songs by him on Youtube

    Bangs – The life goes hard
    Bangs – Goin back to the Ghetto

    And I there is this other one I think its called “My life is hard”

    • http://www.reverbnation.com/lowdylow LowdyLow

      BAngs bro is here lol

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