3 New Jawns: Keyshia Cole, Ashanti and Ne-Yo ft. Brandy… Hate It or Love It?!?!

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Keyshia Ashanti Brandy

Ashanti, Brandy and Keyshia Cole are trying to make a comeback. Instead of putting them up individually, we decided to see which new jawn do ya’ll think is going to make it to the top of the charts…

Take a Listen:

Keyshia Cole –

Ashanti –

Brandy and Ne-Yo –


  • meemea


  • blkjolie

    ummm, don’t really love any of them. But I would probably go with Neyo and Brandy. She sounds great. Ashanti is a wash, and Keysha sounds good, but I don’t know about that song.

  • Mz_Blaze

    Keisha’s song- Boring
    Ashant’si- Not bad not bad
    Brandy’s- Kinda boring too

  • janet

    Keyshia- its sounds like a song brandy would sing.

    Ashanti- its alright

    Brandy- not feeling this joint

  • kriss

    Loved Brandy’s and Keisha’s. Ashanti…:(

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    I like Ashanti’s joint,Keyshia’s aight..I mean,it’s her usual stuff & Brandy’s is ok,nothing special.

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    Well I didn’t experience fireworks

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  • Ho Please

    Keyshia-Its alright
    Brandy-Its alright

  • Lee Lee

    Keyshia’s is wack….take more time off! Ashanti is talking on the song…shut up! Brandy’s sound the best but its still wack.

  • Oh Well

    Brandy-love the song
    Ashanti-try again but okay song

  • Just Bored

    Was done listening to Brandy and Ne-Yo at the one minute mark….Sheeee’s Right Heeere….was that part of the lyrics??? LOL

    Ashanti…made me move a little and try to sing with her without knowing the lyrics…was ok, still didn’t get through the whole song.

    Keyshia Cole – Love her voice. Agree with Mike, this is new sound for her. Liked this one the best of the three. Listened to the whole thing. Will listen again.

  • denne

    i like the brandy and the ashanti is alright…. keyshia’s sounds too generic… i want another “over” or “love”

  • Shyia

    Keyshia Cole- It sounds like a hit to me ALTHOUGH she could do better !

    Ashanti’s- She needs to come harder.

    Brandy & Neyo- the lyrics are relatable but the voices and beat ehhh nutten special.

  • http://bossip nini

    Keyshia wack

    Ashanti love it
    Brandy the best

  • musicisme

    Keyshia = sounds good..will do well…almost sounds like “beyonce’s halo” beat
    Ashanti = sounds too generic…..I don’t know
    Brandy = Ok will be so-so

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