Chrisette Michele: And It Came To Me, Like An Epiphany… To Cut All My Hair Off!!!

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"Derek Blanks Photographs Chrisette Michele's New Do"

Chrisette Michele decided to free herself from all the chemicals to be all natural with the juices and berries. We have video footage from where she semi-debuted her new “DO” at Albany State University and also the photo shoot she just did with alter ego photographer Derek Blanks

Pop the Top for a Peek

Click Here to Watch Chrisette Michele Debut her Baldness


  • Hannibal


  • chantel

    A lot more of BlAck women are going natural now. im so proud that i did my big chop back in march.

  • chaka1

    Love it

  • Sofia

    OMG, she looks beautiful.Good for you,I have no idea why women need to glue or sew someone elses hair on. I haven’t had a perm for five years, and my hair is down my back and healthy.

  • Tia

    Still Pretty.

  • Theorius Stylez

    Men like women with long hair.

  • Eva

    She looks fabulous!

  • Crack Baby! Crack Baby! P.S. I dont want your man, your man choose me!

    Very beautiful young lady, inside and out. Keep up the good work Chrisette.

  • michezulu

    The close crop brings a deeper level of realness and shows your true natural beauty, both the superficial external and the more deeper internal.

    To me Chrisette Michele looks beautiful.

    I cropped my hair in September 2010.

  • T.Banks

    That ain’t all natural. Since when did black people have hair naturally that color. I’m sure it ain’t vegetable dye. GTFOH

  • Crack Baby! Crack Baby! P.S. I dont want your man, your man chose me! So fall back with that dumb S--t.

    Team Chrisette!

  • eff.dat

    beautiful.true beauty is a woman who can wear no hair! I wore my hair exactly like that,and amber rose didn’t have sh*t on me! bet a stack!!

  • chantel

    i’ve seen black peoople wit that color hair. My mother’s hair is actually that color.

  • Mock Rock Star

    Good for her

  • thablackyoutube

    Not feeling the new “DO”.

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