Platinum Life: We Play Too!

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Aiight, so we have been talking about Platinum Life for a few weeks now but we’re just not talking about the game… we’re also playing it.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am D.R. Hall and I am new to the Bossip team. As the resident video game geek, I finally convinced the powers that be to let me drop dime on the hip-hop-inspired social networking game that everyone is talking about.

Being a one-time aspiring MC a fan of all things hip-hop, I jumped at the opportunity to live out my dreams of tearing down shows, studios and hoes. And while I am still only a Level 6 MC (come on Level 7), I have to say the gameplay is engaging. Between the life-like missions like dropping verses in the basement (we hear that’s how Drake got his start — not really) to “interacting” with Ludacris and Omarion, it really makes you feel like you’re one step closer to being nominated for a BET Award and the inevitable swirl hook-up. And this is from a guy who swore he would never play a “social networking game.”

You gotta check out Platinum Life for yourself… and if you want to battle, holler at The Modest Basterd. But make sure you come correct, because I am. Attention Whores and Stans need not apply.

Click here to play now on Facebook!

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