A Woman Scorned

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LisaRaye was spotted at LAX this weekend back to rockin her signature white attire. Despite all the bullshyte going on with her little Turks & Caicos soap opera, she looks like she’s doing fine. Here is what went down according to her publicist:

LisaRaye McCoy Misick and her publicist, Lynn Allen Jeter, had a busy week dealing with the aftermath of the actress’ fight with her husband, Turks and Caicos Islands Premier, Michael Misick.There was no pushing, there was no slugging, there was no swinging of arms, there was no tussle, nothing like that,” says Jeter. However, her account of the incident – as told to her by LisaRaye and LisaRaye’s cousin Phillip Travis – corroborates much of what has already been reported; that LisaRaye and Travis went into the house against Misick’s will; pushing and shoving took place between the two, Misick’s sister became involved and LisaRaye was bitten (and bit someone) at some point during the altercation.

“Her personal security (Travis) was driving, [LisaRaye] was in the back seat, I was in the passenger side of the jeep,” Jeter begins. “We pulled up to her home. We had been to the grocery store. She’d bought food to make tacos. So we had groceries in the back of the car. We got up to the house, the guards spoke to her and then proceeded to pick up the phone. [LisaRaye] said, ‘Oh you don’t have to pick up the phone to announce me.’ But he proceeded to do so and closed the door to the guard shack with LisaRaye standing there. …He caught her between the door and him. Her security (Travis) then got out of the car and pulled the door so [the guard] would not hurt her.” Jeter affirms: “[Travis] never touched the security guard at all. LisaRaye then walked through the guard house into the property of her home. [Travis] was behind her, and I was sitting in the truck on the passenger side. I then got behind the driver’s seat and backed the truck up” to park it in the front of the house and call LisaRaye’s lawyer, believing he might be needed.

Contrary to Michael Misick’s earlier statement claiming that Jeter accompanied LisaRaye and Travis into the home, Jeter says she was not with the cousins when they walked inside. “But what I’ve been told by [LisaRaye] and [Travis is that] there was no belligerence,” says Jeter. “When they arrived, Michael was having a meeting with some of his ministers on the patio.”


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