Which NBA Player Just Got Served With Divorce Papers And Is On The Prowl For Some Fresh Chickens?!?!

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This NBA player has nothing to be happy about at the moment but he’s still getting it in. He was recently served with divorce papers and all his business is going to be aired on a new reality show. If you still don’t know who this is… Then you have been hiding under a rock!!!

Pop the Hood for a Better Look

Shaq in Atlanta

Shaquille O’Neal was out and about in Atlanta, the night before they played the Hawks, having a good a$$ time. With his name being dragged through the news at the moment, it doesn’t look like that’s stopping him from still trying to get some fresh new meat.


  • leslie

    This is old news. Why are you just now posting this?

  • Mason

    Mis-Leading title….this $hit is old! DMV stand up!!!! Mason2Fast

  • aleximaq

    Shaq can do what he wants….and his divorce is just about done with….them papers been filed….

  • currvalicious

    Its amazing how he (shaq) always talks about his biological father walking out of his life; however he would leave his own wife w/all of those kids to raise. I’m sure he’ll be around, but @ the end of the day, she’s still going to be a single mom. He of all people should know better.

  • bobo

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  • FiveStar

    Ofcoarse he’s an Omega man, LOL Dog

  • SparkLe_B1AtCH

    doesn’t make him any cuter tho!

  • juliemango

    His dancinn looks funny!!!

  • macori

    he looks a bit too happy for a man who is about to be divorced.

  • Talley_B

    shaq is my boy, nothing wrong with having a good time, he’s single, he can do that….@curvalicious, he can still be a great father to them kids, and to be honest, thats ALL that matters…shaunie divorced him, so it is what it is…all the other foolishness is just that…FOOLISHNESS…shout out to the big homie…

  • DST Diva

    FYI: All Omega men are not dogs, but in this case…well yall know….anyway I see the hooks Shaq OOP-ROO!!

  • http://www.upsideyahead.wordpress.com Corduroy Johnson

    I can’t resist. His outfit looks like something out of Chess King or His Place from 1990.

  • Keepnit100

    Is Kazaam breakdancing on them fools?!

  • ebony blonde

    pop lock & drop it n+gga!!! smh @ them ashy hands…

  • http://thagrownfolkshouse.com thablackyoutube

    He needs to get out more. Was he going to church or to the club in that unit?

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