*Bossip Exclusive True or False*: Allen Iverson Gets His A$$ Beat After Attempted Robbery?!?!

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"Allen Iverson Gets in a Fight"

One of our Bossip spies saw Allen Iverson chillin’ with his crew at Wet Willies in Atlanta last night. They say he ended up getting into a fight when some dumb a$$ decided to snatch his chain…

Pop the Hood for Details

According to sources, Allen Iverson was up in Wet Willies with his crew. While drinking, playing cards and having a good time… Some idiot decided to grab his chain and all hell broke loose. Allen and his security got into a huge fight. One of our spies say that Allen got his a$$ beat and then the other one says his security beat the sh*zzz out of the dude pretty badly. Who should we believe?!?!

A.I. – It sounds like you really need to just sit your behind down in the house until you figure out what the hell is going on with your career.



    i’ve never liked this has been!!! lil’ dudes ALWAYZ have the biggest mouths, but NEVER anythin’ else 2 back it…..oh ma bad he’s got security!!!! lmao

  • bobo

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  • http://aol ebonieladi

    I don’t know what to believe. On another site it said that someone approached Iverson about a gambling debt and started talking all crazy and that’s when all hell broke loose. What is the true story? We may never know.

  • Chiree

    To all of the idiots who choose to disrespect the character of a man you had never met…..get a life. With all of the entourage Allen has with him I can gaurantee that he did not get his @%! beat. So what if he has children and is not playing for the rest of the season….everyone deserves a break from the reality of life. Unlike some people in the NBA who act as if their life has ended once their career is over; Allen choose to live! Instead of posting negative comments about this man you dont know….You need to be talking about the criminal who stepped to him….SMH!! I can’t stand ignorence…..Keep your head up AI Philly still loves you!!!


    He needs to get his ish together hes too old to be doing this !

  • http://twitter.com/reggieakarico BigReggATL

    I’m looking at some of yall comments and I’m like wow, all this man was doing was anything anybody else would be doing on a friday night… Chilling with his boys and playing cards wit some ladies…man It’s crazy the BS yall imagination come up with.

  • ssquared

    I agree with Chiree. Yall wouldn’t sit yall’s butt at home and his five children are by his wife. Whether she’s divorcing him or not, those kids are from the union of him and one woman. Not two or three. If it’s by one women, so what. Hell as long as he can or could afford them, they can have as many as they want.

  • http://www.thenoireffect.com GotYou

    He’s financially providing for his family, and they want for not. The audacity of some of you to lie in judgment as if you’re “the most high.” You need to get off your pedestal because you’re in God’s way.


    w w w . t h e n o i r e f f e c t . c o m

  • http://thathiphopblog.com/ ThatHipHopBlog

    Probably Flase

  • Britchick91!

    of course he didn’t get his azz beat

  • juicyjessica

    His life is just crumbling and he looks like hes on that shhit!

  • lol lol

    All I have to say is if this is true I feel sorry for AI… But I really think this dude travels with way to many brothers so I don’t see this happening.
    As for the disrespect this blog is showing for AI, that’s crazy in itself as this man brought hip hop to the game of basketball also standing up for himself when the league wanted him to shave his braids.
    Show some respect as AI is one of the sole athletes that gave black people a say with what and how the NBA could govern of them.
    Know your history before you judge!

  • Lisa

    Al Iverson is FINE! That’s all…

  • Use Common Sense

    One thing I can tell you for sure without hesitation, Mr. Iverson may have some troubles (as do we all), but he did not get beat up PERIOD!!! This man is not a push over and can handle himself quite well. Security intervened as they should have and the accoster got his natural black a$$ whooped as he should have. Now let’s see if he mans up and takes the beating or decides to sue like a B.I.T.C.H!!! Sorry, but he deserved it.

  • Ben Smith

    You want to show respect bc he brought hip hop to the NBA? And because he refused to cut his braids? Oh wow, he’s such a revolutionist and he’s opened the door for some many other NBA players to wear braids. I guess the struggles that Jackie Robinson and Bill Russell went through is pale in comparison to what Iverson had to endure wearing braids. And in case you haven’t noticed, NBA ratings have dropped considerably since “hip hop was brought to the NBA”.

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