Hi Hater: Shaq Tells Their 6-Year-Old Son He’s “Gonna Kill” Shaunie’s New Young Tenderoni

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Shaquille O'Neal Shaunie O'Neal

SMH. This Shaq and Shaunie divorce drama is getting super-duper ugly. Even though this guy stay with some hoes, Shaquille O’Neal seems just a wee bit jealous that Shaunie is flossin’ her new little boy toy pretty tough. Pop it for the details…

Shaunie O’Neal’s lawyers just fired off a letter to Shaq’s people, claiming the bball star “interrogated” the couple’s children to tell him everything they knew about her new man … “to the point that they felt intimidated and scared of him.”

Shaunie also claims Shaq told their 6-year-old son to tell her boyfriend that Shaq “is going to kill him” — and that Shaq even screamed at the kid and said, “Say it now! My daddy is going to kill you!”

Shaunie’s lawyers are demanding Shaq halt “further inappropriate discussions” with their children — which is an alleged violation of the non-disparagement provision of their divorce judgment.

Damn, if this is true that sounds waaaay extreme, like our boy Shaq Fu might need some meds or something. Poor thang.



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  • xedos

    its a divorce women make up a lot of shyt. they always pull the kids card

  • nikkibx

    Wow!!! that the hate in his blood.

  • xedos

    next she’s going to say he’s molesting the kids

  • Chi-Town Diva (Wild 100's)

    shaunie’s new boo is kinda cute

  • RedboneKillBill

    @ Xedos Women Lie Men Lie. To say all women lie though and “pull the kids card” is a over generalization. Sounds like you might have a trife BM which is too bad but you gotta be careful who you lay down with.

    If it is true Shaq needs some help-Ri-damn-dic-ulous!

  • WTF

    I really wouldnt put it past him. Men are territorial. They can have an abundance of hoes but the second you are tired of their B.S. and move on they act like you did something wrong. I never understood that. These men are delusional.

  • WTF


    Shaunie has every right to be living her life with HER money. That money is entitled to her. It is the law. If she made more than Shaq she would be paying alimony to him thus making it HIS money. Get a grip.

  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    @ WTF

    Whatever. Shaunie lied, cheated, and connived to get Shaq, then she lied, cheated, and connived to get her share of his money – with or WITHOUT the courts. Forgot about that “secret stash” of hers, did you? She’s not worried about what she’s legally entitled to, she’s worried about being able to blather about her personal business on TV. She gets no medals from me.



  • RedboneKillBill

    @Diezel GTFOH! How about they just not cheat or not get married. Elin is going to have the biggest payday in sports history and Ginny Barber? Please she aint gonna take the sh*t lying down. And lets not forget McNair RIP, his jump off wasn’t black…A woman scorned regardless of color is a women scorned.

  • ebonieladi

    It sounds like a case of dishing it out and not being able to take it.

    @I used to always have to take time after serious relationships, and I couldn’t imagine breaking up with my HUSBAND and being out with a new dude in A MONTH… I’m like, d@mn, did you even love the nucca? LOL.
    To quote Tina Turner “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” This looks like lust to me. Her and Shaq have been apart long enough for her to start seeing someone else. I don’t think her life should stop but I also don’t think she should be introducing anyone new to her kids anytime soon.

  • real black is chocolate



  • !!!!!


  • sean-slade

    I think this is revenge for putting his foot in her tv shows a.ss.

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