Where’s Nahla?!?!?

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Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry and her “life partner” Gabriel Aubry were spotted walking to Halle’s whip without precious little Nahla. We must say, pics of Halle and Gabriel without Nahla seem to be a total snoozfest these days…

Anyway, more pics of the two when you pop it…


  • LaDiva

    Ehhhh moving on.

  • Somali Ninga

    Where’s Nahla?!?!?
    Why do people CARE SO MUCH and KNOW SO MUCH about celebrities’ children? Not only is it no one’s business, it kinda creepy!!

  • elvagreen

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  • d

    He’s fine. Go Halle!!!!

  • http://thagrownfolkshouse.com thablackyoutube

    With the nanny. Duh!

  • Halle berry has a fake relationship

    I’m personally sick of halle berry and her sp_rm donor actor boyfriend. These 2 NEVER look happy, they seem distant in every single photograph.

    The media needs to put halle and her fake relationship on blast. It is so obvious that the relationship is not genuine.

  • Jinx

    LOL at black women.

    If this was a black man they would be crying “well why aren’t they married” like they do ALL THE TIME but since he’s a snowflake it’s cool.

    I bet black women would defend TED BUNDY if he was still alive.

    Well I guess it’s time to hit that ol dusty trail

  • chaka1

    Halle looks like she got a leash on that fine white boy.

    Go head, girl. Run that household.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Where’s Nahla? Halle probably had one of her legendary violent furniture tossin’ tantrums, which resulted in Nahla gettin’ accidently clocked in the head. She’ll remain in seclusion until the bruises have healed :lol:

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    f’ck ugly whites and fake azz mixed/light-skinned b’tches!!!


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    black is beautiful!

    Born dark-skinned black stay dark-skinned black!

    mixed is devils sh’t


  • booboo

    Her boyfriend always just seems to be there just there. He is like a stand in model and always looks the same in every picture even his movement is the same in every picture kind of creepy

  • Sofia

    @real black is chocolate, what kind of parents raised you to be so ignorant,omg I hope you dont have children,they dont stand a chance with a parent like you.
    Thank God I have intellegent parents that taught me better.

  • AnonymousGal

    correction: “…if seeing just these two getting some time away…”

  • anonymous

    Do people actually believe this is a real relationship?

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