Rihanna Admits She Can Be An Ugly Fat Pimple-Faced B*tch

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Rihannah pimples blond mohawk

RihRih has been called a lot of things around these parts — talentless, slorish, mismatched, inappropriate for children — but ugly definitely isn’t one of them. Pop the hood for her exact words and a few other less flattering photos.

In the new issue of Star Magazine Rihanna is quoted saying:

“I have an ugly day every month; pimples on my face, I’m fat and in a bad mood. It’s more like an ugly week.”

Sounds like PMS to us. Pop some Pamprin and quit yer b*tchin’ Rih!

Even on her bad days she still looks pretty good — now her voice is entirely another story.


  • so what?

    she can doo nooo wrong!

  • tg

    Even the most beautiful person is their own harshest critic.

  • fall

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  • http://soopaflhi@hotmail.com SOOPAFLHI

    At least she’s honest no one is FLY 24/7

  • i wish i would

    What BEUTIFUL Woman doesn’t?

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Her comment just proves she’s just a regular girl that has her days where she doesn’t feel as glamorous…Rather normal,nothing weird nor uncommon.

  • i wish i would


  • http://bossip.com MZLADYLUV


  • http://thagrownfolkshouse.com thablackyoutube

    Her honesty is to be applauded!

  • JellyReloaded

    Seriously, what is her appeal? She’s get a five head that should have room for rent, she can’t sing and she is not even moderately attractive. Must be that light-skin-ded-ness. She just annoys the hell out of me.

  • Ayanna

    Some people should be seen and not heard. Rihanna is one of them.

  • B3 Fearless

    “Even on her bad days she still looks pretty good — now her voice is entirely another story.”


    But Lord knows most of us females have had one of those days Rhianna is talking about. So kudos to her for speaking on it.

  • Z-Mix

    Whatever. I’ll start caring when she confesses her crimes against music.

    “Rudy rude rude rude ella ella ella…”

    Are you kidding me with this *$&#?

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    She’s human

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  • real black is chocolate


    hahahahahahahahahahahahh!!! f’cking up music!

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