Shontelle Loves Living The Platinum Life

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Recording artist Shontelle is all about Platinum Life !! Peep her testimonial below:

“I love Platinum Life and I’m so excited to be a part of the Platinum Life movement because I’m an avid gamer and I always wanted to see myself as a character in a game. I never thought I would see my name and face next to the likes of artists who inspired me coming up, like Luda! But what’s even cooler is that it’s a platform for other artists, producers, DJ’s, songwriters, anyone really, to have some insight into what it takes to reach a ” Platinum Life” status, giving them a simulation to taste the lifestyle of a successful professional in the Entertainment Industry. It’s all about the grind. It’s also about social networking. Everyone knows how important “networking” is especially in the Music and Entertainment Industry.

It allows people with the same aspirations and passion for Music to connect, share and even compete online. It’s an outlet for users to get some exposure and have their music heard and noticed. Gamers work with us, the artists, on a mission to break into the Music game. You have to make smart decisions in order to make it to the top. The better you can do that, and the faster you can learn, the faster you’ll live the Platinum Life! It’s about the rise from rags to riches and being able to feel great about your hustle and yourself. I’m so blessed to be a part of something that will motivate, teach and inspire aspiring industry professionals, whatever aspect of Entertainment they’re into. I wish I had a game like Platinum Life to play around with before I got signed! I’d be times more savvy! Join me and the other artists and let’s make some music! “

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