Kelis To Nas: Don’t Let The Door Hit You

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"Nas and Kelis"

After reaching a settlement on child support and spousal support payments, Kelis is officially ready to terminate her marriage from Nas. As previously reported Nas was facing a contempt of court charge because he owed Kelis$200,000 in backed child support for their son Knight. Continue.


  • Virgo06'


  • STFU

    Well…He better start booking shows and stop chasing these ho’s

  • EMPdasme
  • drenk

    f.c.u.k. cheaper to keep her

    i always hear its cheaper to dismember her and feed her parts to alligators

  • szese

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  • EMPdasme

    Nas should drop an albulm and make some hit single

  • elvagreen

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  • resurrected

    I can understand why any woman may be bitter after a difficult relationship with any man becaues many times there are many reason to be like that but Kelis is a exception I think that she is just a B*tch… It like she had this all plan and now the monster as arised…

  • SteelCityChick

    This trick has gold diggin down to a science! I feel bad for Nas.

  • resurrected

    Not sure of why it has gotten to this but she seems to be the diffcult ones just because she thinks that it is cute… She has not cooth and I am really starting to wonder what kind of lesson will she be teaching her child through his development because she acts as if being ghetto and seen is everything to her…

  • Bacqui ( Chris Brown First, Then Da Wannabes )

    Sux coz they were my favourite couple in black hollywood,,,God bless them both

  • juliemango

    Guess Kelis is ready for her next hip hop artist/ source of gold!!!


    I get so pissed when woman who are capable of WORKING get spousal support. Get off your azz and get a J-O-B! Child support is a different matter. But do you really need 15,000 a month to take care of a 1 year old?

  • smh

    Has it ever occurred to any of you bashing Kelis that Nas is the problem? If he wasn’t a deadbeat and taking care of his responsibilities as a father, would there be a need to pay back child support???

  • Jay the Real One

    If he missed payments the next 10 years he shouldn’t owe 200 thou

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