From Nicki Minaj To All The Haters: “If You’re Smart Then Pay Attention To Me… I’m Showing You B*tches How To Do This!!!”

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"Nicki Minaj on Vibe"

It seems that Nicki Minaj is always going to be at the center of hate because she is an easy target. It’s one thing to make it to the top with raw talent, it’s another thing to make it to the top with bubble gum candy corn kit kat rhymes. With that being said…

Pop the Top for Nicki’s Speech on Haters on VIBE

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Why Do You Think Nicki is Hated on So Much?!?!



  • Nique (Life in the Fab Lane)

    That looks like Alicia Keys…

  • LaDiva

    Ok Nicki, what the hell are u doing that u feel you’ve paved the way for ppl to follow you….That barbie shyt is wack…Come again…

  • lilypie

    S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m is a place for like-minded people who understand that intelligence, success and drive are key elements to attraction.

  • bklynista

    i kinda like her..and she sounds intelligent too..glad to here that..alot of these rapper broads can’t even talk past there own hype..i’ve heard her speak at another interview and she sounded the same..glad to here that she writes her own rhymes too..good for her!

  • resurrected

    What is she showing us how to be a follower even to the point when you no longer agree with your own career and image? Who really wants to be like her not everyone is willing to open there legs for money… She this is what is wrong with society everyone swears that we are all waiting to become them… As a celebrity you need me way more then I need your azz… Everyone feels some entitle to everyone else’s energy, money and body…

  • I Am Legend

    I wanna see her without a wig on..I bet she is bald headed

  • resurrected

    Why do people always turn it around and say that people don’t like when because you are getting shine when really it’s your image and message? Have all the shine that you want but stop poisoning our youth wit BS because we are sure that you know your audience and I bet way more are younger then older…

  • CinnamonStix

    Hahaha! Come again Miss Nicki?! Just a little delusional right there.

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Don’t care about what she said nor do I like her as an artist but she looks so freaking pretty in this vid :)

    The wig,makeup & her skin looks hella good.

  • TiredOfStupidity

    B.I.T.C.H. please!! This ho is ultra WHACK!! On to the next one—>NEXT!

  • Me

    @ Nique- I said the same thing! Very much so!

  • relleisreal

    This chick is delusional. Lmao you showing who how to do this? Let’s see them numbers when you drop that album then you can talk trash two thumbs down to this chick

  • Mixed Chica

    Wait how old is she? I’m not takin anything away from her “experience”! lol I mean forreal she looks and raps like trash. Game recognize game! For the real pretty females out there we all know and recognize fake!

  • Diva

    Nicki is adorable. BUT I will be honest and still say I liked her Beam Me Up Scotty style and her songs prior to Young Money.

  • real black is chocolate

    mixed and white ppl only kill black music and african-american culture!


    real black is chocolate/dark
    black is beautiful!

    Born dark-skinned black stay dark-skinned black!

    mixed is devils sh’t


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