Guess Whose Curvy Cakes Dressed Up Like Marilyn Monroe For George Lopez Birthday?!?!

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"Lopez Tonight"

George Lopez’s new show, Lopez Tonight, has been a hit since its debut on the late night scene. A certain someone with crazy curves dressed up like Marilyn Monroe to sing Happy Birthday to George, we didn’t think this chick still had it like this!!!

Pop the Top to Found Out Who These Curves Belong To…

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Dayyumm… Who Knew J-Lo was still packing like that?!?! Maybe she just has on one of those padded dresses like Beyonce.


  • sunshine

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  • Theorius Stylez

    BOE-ING!!!!!(Jack-in-the-Box pops out) :lol:

  • memchee

    good thing g lopez has a show!

    She woulda gotten less than 5 mins face time n.e. where else!!!

  • real black is chocolate

    she was the singer, right?

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I saw J-Lo in “Back Up Plan” last night. Cute, but predictable romantic comedy. She still can’t act, though.

  • realdwn2erth

    J-Lo, looked really nice! I think she did a very, good job singing Marilyn’s B-Day, song for George.

  • MiMi

    She sounded off-key to me. Plus, she got the really oversized saggy butt. She ain’t cute, and has no talent.

  • Lisa

    Didn’t she do the same thing for Puff for one of his birthdays?

  • NYCee

    J.Lo has always had those cakes !!
    She brought curves back to Hollyweird a longgggg time ago
    <3 I loveeee her

  • currvalicious

    I’ve been telling people for yrs. J.Lo has always had a better body than Bey Bey. Even when she loses weight she maintains her curvs. Whereas Bey, she just has big legs & wide hips, its a big difference.

  • eyesrthesoul

    I thought she looked good. They seem to genuinely be close friends, and it was sweet. At the same time, it was a bit creepy, since it is the same thing she did for Puffy years ago.

  • KOOL`GUY,In"Da"BUILDinnn

    Wowwwwwwwwwww!~we,eeeeeeee,nOW~ThaTs`FiNe}”As ,A,member”of“`the”shakira”international”fan”family! at,”firts,”I”thought”it”was”shakira!~~Mrs”lopez”looks”asbsolutley”fantastic!~she”truly:high”lights”why”latina”Ladies”are” [ranked-Fineeeeeeeeee-BEAUTIES”},all”arround”,the world!~

  • real black is chocolate


    on white Ricans, not black!

  • Bossip = Gay Baiters

    Even Spainards will let you know that they are the “True Latinos”

  • GotYou

    I wonder how you guys think that u can’t be Puerto Rican and Black at the same time? Ignorance is bliss, so I guess you’ll be blissful.

    Y’all really need to get out of the states and take a trip to Spain and let them give u a true history lesson. They’ll let u know where ur really from.

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