Miami Bikini Edition: Who Looks More Bangin?

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Eva Marcell, Teairra Mari

Eva Pigford, Hazel-E, and Teairra Mari were spotted on Miami Beach in kini’s and hanging out with Young Quincy. We are not quiet sure which female the young man is choppin down, but we all know that T-Mari’s always looking for a sponsor, so…

Pop the top to see Q poolside with his girlfriends


  • queen4today

    my vote is a 3 way.. tie ;)

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  • fall

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  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    Who looks more banging? The chick in the middle (shiny pink bikini).

    Who would I hit? Young Quincy. (Cutie pie! D@mn!)

  • Get Real

    I would say Eva & Hazel. The other chic tits will be on lying on her stomach in a few years.


    They’re all hot


  • anewme

    Dang Quincy looks just like his Daddy! Al B. Sure was sooooo fine back in the day.

  • Lord Inuyasha

    They all look like thirsty burds to me, but luckily I have plenty of “BURDSEED” in liquid form to go around! Bottoms up, ladies!! :lol:

  • real black is chocolate

    Teaiira Mari with dark-skinned girl in pink!

    ….and Eva is not hot….Lance my nikka!

    – –

    black is dark!

    Born dark-skinned black stay dark-skinned black!

    mixed is devils sh’t


  • RazeKane

    Pretty faces and ample tits, but without the hips and azz to match all three of these women are fails. I mean damn, none of these women have either of those 2 as sets (since where just talkin about looks here).


    i luvs Eva!!!

  • NYC Gal

    OMG! Quincy looks just like his papa Al B. Sure!

  • TRUTH IS....

    the gurl in the middle then eva


    I love Eva, but does she still model? Teirra Marie is pretty but lame. And I dont know who the other girl is and dont really care!

  • DenialRiver

    Eva. She’s the only one rockin’ real hair. Lance was a fool. He’ll realize soon enough.

    That one in the middle can get it too… once she loses that weave. She’s cute though.

    As for Teairra Marie… she’s cute but she looks like a laid off stripper with those tats all over her chest, back, stomach, legs and hands.

    Lose the weave black women!!! We might as well go to India and wife up the real thing! How we supposed to appreciate black beauty when we can’t see past your Indian hair? =)

  • CriticXtreme

    Sister’s look yummy in Miami.

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