Isn’t He Married??

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Taye Diggs And a bunch of women

Here’s a surprise! Everyone’s favorite actor Taye Taye was spotted in Hollyweird with a car full of blonds and brunettes. No Idinza Menzel in sight. SMH.

Another on the flippy…

Taye Diggs with a bunch of women




    means nothing at all but he loves his swirl doesnt he

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Taye Diggs is beyond corny with that Ben Vereen steez he’s sporting. Great actor, but his style–not so much.

  • she

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  • JellyBean Dream

    This dude urks me…



  • Bossip Sucks

    Sepia830 you need to stop smoking that crack rock.

  • whoisthis?

    B U S T E D! P O W!!!! LMAO! Tht picture is too funny! Can we say Tiger woods #2… uncle tom a** negro.

  • whoisthis?

    @ Jordan: 3rd oh well havin a white chick is the new crave lol everybody got one

    Uhhh….the last time I checked a black man having a white woman is nothing new. It’s old & played out… if she aint a Kim Kardashian look alike then nobody cares. Next ——->>>>

  • Tish

    I can’t stand him. He played himself when he had his sitcom with no black actors other than himself. The babysitter, co workers, girlfriends, and staff members were all white. He became angry when black people didn’t support that trash. He is a self hating black man.

  • Hagall

    Maybe they are on there way to a business meeting…LOL

  • ?

    Huh? Who gives a f*ck!
    more co co and honey for me…
    you can have em!

  • Interlude

    Now, if black men havn’t learned anything by now, then I guess they will never learn. Taye has a car full of white women. SMH!

  • She said it...

    I’m sure there is a simple explanation for all this. I’m sure he was on his way to the local ATM to give all 3 Becky’s his life savings to validate that he is a B rated actor. You can’t live in Hollywood and not give tribute to the Becky’s or there will be hell to pay.

  • DenialRiver

    I really don’t understand the hatred for Taye Diggs. Did he campaign for a Neo Nazi or something way back?

    You got black rappers getting arrested every other day (Gucci), dropping babies all over the place (Wayne), acting a fool (Diddy), and just generally criminal (Shyne). And all black folks do is support ’em.

    What exactly did Taye Diggs do to get on so many black folks ish list? I never got it. Dude seemed like an okay actor to me… But I ain’t gay so I don’t spend time worrying about who he’s sleeping with.

    Boggles the mind.

  • susan

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