BOSSIP’s Naomi Campbell Survival Guide

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"Naomi Campbell Cell Phone"

Naomi Campbell will cut a b*tch, no matter what Oprah says. The brawling Brit banger will sit down with Oprah on Monday’s show and solemnly swear to not use her phone while driving. According to Gawker, Harpo also supposedly gets the model to agree to sign a “No Phone Throwing Zone” pledge. We notice there is all kinds of wiggle room in that agreement. Naomi said she wouldn’t throw the phone, that is not to say she won’t take her CrackBerry, grab you by the hair and beat you bloody with it. Be prepared with Bossip’s tips.

Here are the BOSSIP rules for surviving an encounter with firey Naomi.

1. DON’T make her tell you twice. If Naomi says she don’t want to talk about her blood diamond, leave it be.

2. DO find a safe house. If you’re in New York City, run to Barney’s CO-OP. After a meltdown at the store, she vowed, “I’ll never shop here again,” so you should be okay there.

3. DON’T drive her crazy, in fact, do not drive her at all.

4. DO be able to take a punch. One of Naomi’s exes  said: “You’ve got to be able to take her hits. She lashes out hard and often. She dealt me some terrible punches.”

5. DON’T think the cops are gonna protect you. Testy Naomi has ways of dealing with them.

6. DO look on the bright side: If you do get your a$s whupped, you might get a settlement to ease the pain.


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