Another Day, Another Arrest

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Snoop from The Wire is the culprit this time:

Police arrested popular actress Felicia “Snoop” Pearson on minor drug charges on Wednesday (August 20), after she was detained for refusing to cooperate as a witness in a murder trial. Members of Baltimore’s Homicide Unit entered Snoop’s Northeast Baltimore home with a “body attachment” warrant, which allowed authorities to arrest and detain her. Once inside, they also found two cigars filled with what is allegedly marijuana as well as marijuana residue. Police may detain Snoop until September 16, when the murder trial of her associate Steven James Lashley begins. Lashley is accused of stabbing three men – one fatally – outside a Baltimore New York Fried Chicken, in Snoop’s defense. Snoop already told investigators that she wasn’t involved in the stabbing.

“He [Roseborough] ain’t try to flirt with me or no [s**t] like that,” Pearson told investigators. “It was so tight in there…I’m like what [s**t] man get out of my face.”

According to The Baltimore Sun, a warrant was issued for Snoop on July 1, after she missed an April 21 trial date. She also recently avoided prosecutors’ phone calls in regards to the trial. Snoop was sentenced to eight years in prison in 1996 at the age of 14, for shooting and killing Okia “Kia” Toomer during a dispute between the two females.

It’s wack what trouble a little kush on the table can get you, but goddamn Snoop was murking fools at 14. SMH.



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