Guess Which Gay Celeb Is Coming Out?

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"Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier"

Ricky Martin’s got some company. According to a story on Jezebel, People magazine’s May 5 cover will feature a celebrity coming out. Pop the hood.

Sources tell us that People has the exclusive on a celebrity who will come out on the mag’s May 5 cover, followed by a press tour of several major talk shows, including The View. Who could it be?

Our tipsters also claim that publicist Howard Bragman is behind this coming out party, and that the flack announced his plans for this latest gay revelation on the red carpet at the recent GLAAD Media Awards.

There’s no word on whether the star is a man or a woman, but just out of curiosity, which stars do you think might have something to tell us?….



  • David

    Who cares??

  • drenk

    HATED IT!!!

  • Yun Dun Know


    Aint nobody straight in Hollyweird.



  • Matix B

    Jamie Fox or Whoopi GoldBurg or OPRAH

  • Gotlegs

    BTW, Is funny how they go on about “The were living a lie, They had to come out”..YOU WERE STILL FoCKING DUDES WERENT YOU? SO YOU WEREN’T NEVER IN THE CLOSET!

    Its pretty sad when all you are is “your sexuality” to find the need to announce it to the whole world.

  • drenk

    Matix B
    4/30/10, 09:52:am

    Jamie Fox or Whoopi GoldBurg or OPRAH

    i wouldnt be surprised by any of those, im thinkin rufus wainwright was on the money and it’ll be 50cent coming out

  • Matix B

    @drenk: All my gay friends love a 50 cent and been waiting for him to cross the line! I think any man who lives by the MOB (money over bytches) mantra is a huge flamer. How can any straight man be disgusted by women?

  • Matix B

    or ever choose their boys over their wifey……

  • Lisa

    It’s Oprah!! I can’t think of anyone else in the business where this could be such a big deal.

  • Matix B

    Well I would let OP’y eat that she got LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGG money! LOl

  • GG

    OHHHHHH come on of course is David alan Grier…he looks soooo gay….i always had the feeling he was……it has to be him.

  • it is what it is .....

    Grier is married with kids, its Oprah because even though folks hate Kitty Kelly old girl does her research gets her facts and over time has been proven to be on point…..she done skurd Oprah out tha closet.

  • Clarkekent3000

    Is it one of the self hating Simpy males on here?

  • super goon one

    why must everyone say i’m gay? who cares?

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