BasketBall Wives Causing Problems Already: Orlando Magic’s Matt Barnes Says The Whole Show Is A Joke

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"Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan"

Basketball Wives cast member Gloria Govan’s fiance, Orlando Magic’s guard Matt Barnes, is not happy with the show and has a mouthful to say about it. He recently went on the radio to voice his opinion about the producers and how Shaunie O’ Neal was nagged his wife until she signed up…

I wasn’t 100% against it at the beginning. It started back in Phoenix when SHAUNIE O’NEAL approached my fiancee about it and I was really apprehensive about it. Then they kept approaching my fiancee about it back and forth back and forth and I was really against it but my fiancee talked to the producers and felt good about it so I definitely backed her.

But after watching the first show I was just disgusted. I told my team, because you know [my teammate] Dwight’s involved in that too, that I’m not watching that because I know it’s going to make me mad and I’m going to watch it at the end of the season. I just think that what they say is going to happen and what actually happens is two different things.

Reality TV is kind of a joke. Everything is scripted. There is nothing reality about Reality TV. With that said, I’ll kind of leave it at that but if you want to have me back on at the end of the season when I won’t get fined for what I say, I’ll definitely tell you what I think about that.

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Is it us or are this two chickens being soooo disrespectful in Matt and Gloria’s house?!?!


  • SpaRkLe_B!tCh

    this show is garbage….



  • it is what it is .....

    My bad her baby daddy……..

  • it is what it is .....

    LOL, Come to think of it I’m so glad there is Mrs Obama for young women of color to look up to because damn if what they get to see on TV was all there was it’d be a major problem…

  • grant

    This show is fake as hell and how you gonna call it basketball wives when only 2 are married and one of those is on the fast track to a divorce….some wack $#!t…

  • Science

    @ Grasnt. Good point , They should call it basketball wife wannabees. BUZZ BUZZ, LOL

  • Science

    My bad on your name, Grant

  • JumpoFF

    Jealous aZz Birds. Thats what those chicks do. Cause their relationship did not work out they make it look like they are informing the girl but they trying to sabotage . Bunch of married Groupies.

  • gavin

    The chick with the blue eyes is so Fake. I think her name is Michelle? No wander her husband has a wandering eye. She has nothing to offer. I think she would do us black women a favor and just keep quite on the show, for as soon as she opens her mouth, a smart, educated man that is going places would want to throw up. How low can you go when you have to confront another woman and show off your ring that you are married to the man. That just shows the level that she is on

  • SteelCityChick

    These two chicken heads are miserable and you know misery loves company. If that Gloria chick has any brains, she should start looking for new friends.

  • Micaroni715

    This is the worse show ever.
    Worse than Flava of Love.
    Shaunie O’Neal was gave an interview saying she had not paid a bill in 11 years.


    Does the world really need this foolishness?


  • E

    I am not taking that show serious…As far as I am concerned it is just entertainment.

    I think Shaunie and her group of friends are using that show as a platform to put bytches on display and expose them in front of the world. The sad thing is they are looking bad while doing so… Shaunie isn’t slick cause I think she is as bad as the other two ladies…the only difference is Shaunie is hiding behind the camera.

  • http://bossip tiger wood

    Matt is mad they bust him clean out. His reaction was he is definetly a cheater. He couldn’t even look in the camera.

  • Matt's eyebrows

    This site copied the entire post from n e c o l e b i t c h i e . com. Grammatical errors and all.

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