Who Looked More Bangin???

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Ashanti hosted the 97.5 KVEG Purse Party at Poetry Nightclub at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Christina Milian hosted the Red White & Blue Summer Oasis in Hollyweird.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin??

Proceed for more images including Ashanti performing at the J&R Music Festival in NYC…


  • qa

    yeah, chris .. ashanti got a pop belly she stay trying to hide .. both cute chics though, still can’t sing worth shyt ..

  • Smilebme

    I have to give this to Christina… I’m loving her shoes.

    Ashanti looks cute w/ bangs.

  • Niki

    Oh snap, i’m 1st!!!! They all look great!

  • Niki

    Oh I was wrong….3rd….still good

  • qa

    easy Niki .. you’re 3rd .. i can see how you got it confused, with the #1 and #3 being so close to each other :)

  • hehehe.

    i think ashanti………and you never know maybe her ass could be preganant cuz one thing she is known for is having a flat belly

    look at the pictures from now to a couple of weeks ago her belly was flat

  • East flatblush


  • so dope

    top 10!


  • East flatblush


  • http://www.yabaz.com yabaz

    lookin good


    http://www.yabaz, the NUMBER 1 gossip directory

  • DC_Diva

    This is a tough one. They both look hot. Ashanti is getting advantage ’cause of all those eye candy purses she’s around. That slanted F Fendi one is HOTTT!!! And the satin Louis.

  • DC_Diva

    Speakin’ of purses…Christina picked the wrong one…she shoulda been @ this purse party with a raffle ticket. Wait…I shoulda been @ this purse party with a raffle ticket.

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper ( The Delicious♥☻) Ms. Sugar Walls

    I think Ashanti…has it going on! I don’t like the dress that Xtina has on. If she would of chosen a different dress….

    She has a lovely shape..but Ashanti has been putting it down lately! The hair is cute..the dress is different and fitting like a glove.

    Nelly, putting it down..heyyyyyyyayaaaaaa

  • Los

    Christina body is on point. Ashanit looks sorta fat.. She got a stomacch..LMAO

  • MissBeethe1

    Hey Ms Suga, hows it going

    I have to agree w/ u Ms Shanti has it going on!!!! and plus I think her and Nelly are so cute together

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