Gucci Mane Follows Nicki Minaj And Fires Waka Flocka’s Mom As Manager, Launches Label From Jail

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"Gucci Mane Leaves Manager Deb Antney"

Despite being still incarcerated in a Georgia prison, Gucci Mane has been making some serious business decisions, including announcing that he’s fired his manager, the CEO of So Icey/ Mizay Entertainment Debrah Antney.

The mother of Waka Flocka Flame, Antney was recently fired from her managerial position by Nicki Minaj. Pop the hood for details Continue


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  • Opulence

    That manager must be trash
    if she’s getting fired all the damn time

  • Matix B

    Wonder what flavor Lemonade he be sipping on in the BIN?

  • drenk

    wtf does make the trap aye mean…?

  • Matix B

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  • thicklikecornbread

    What is that pattern on his head? Its making my skin crawl

  • juicyjessica

    I’m happy to see Gucci gaining more knowledge and a different perspective in regards to the rap industry…For so long rappers have been mismanaged,and taken advantage of…Free Gucci!!

  • Wanda

    Who’s been playing etch-a-sketch on that young nugra’s head? Looks like a damned game of Centipede.

  • Ayanna

    Whoever he is, he’s disgusting. Looking at him makes my skin crawl.

  • TheIconGuy

    I hope he can stay out this time around.

  • redcora

    dayumm what ms debra do.. or didn’t do.. dayyuummm….

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  • lilnita

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  • lilnita

    what is wrong with gucci head aw nah big ole blocks and parts on it that aint cute at all

  • The Blues Are Coming Back

    That pic is monstrous…YUCK

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    he looks like someone who just came back jacked up from the war and had surgery on his head!

  • why?

    Agree@human racist
    Just ignant!

  • Sha

    Don’t Stop there Mane, there’s a barber who needs a pink slip too…

  • She said it...

    Another HOMOTHUG!

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