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Keisha Whitaker gazes lovingly at her husband Forest Whitaker at the Premiere Party for TLC’s “Who Are you Wearing”. Love is blind and beautiful. SMH.

Photos: Wireimage

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  • wowaw

    the woman is still young, she should hook up young cool guys not like that old fat old man! she can pay a visit to MatchWealthy.com___ said that it’s easy to hook ups!

  • ( The Delicious♥☻) Ms. Sugar Walls

    Good! U can tell that she loves him! He probably treats her like a Queen!

  • always knew

    Viv does look good in this pic. I like Keisha and Forrest,leave them least he stayed true..Good actor..I wish them the best of luck!!!!!!

  • always knew

    I was kind of surprised when Forrest was dong a show introducing Wu Tang, and admitted that he was a fan..That was real cool..Even though he was older, he still supported other black artists, in his own way..Forrest is great..

  • always knew

    that was doing..

  • Shaahn

    i wish i could get past a guy’s looks. i got a forest whitaker type dude on me, and he’s paid too. treats me nice. but i cant get past dude’s big ass buddah belly

  • lala

    love is NOT blind and beautiful… she just wants the $$$… how sad.

  • atlgirl

    @Hannibal and lala: Why are people, especially black people, so hung up on physical attributes? Forrest, Jay-Z and others are criticized brutally for their facial features that were inherited from their parents. Is it possible for black people to love one another because of the joy, companionship and respect that is brought to the relationship? Doesn’t the individual’s personal drive and character count for anything?

  • always knew

    @atlgirl- i’m glad that some grown people are on the site…I would love to see Havenoballs pics, so I can comment on how jacked up he is…….

  • Kmia

    black people are no more hung up on looks than whites, or any other race. ya’ll saw how that asian girl lip synched over another girls voice at the olympics because she wasnt attractive enough. I dont think a black person wouldve okayed something like that.

  • Damastes

    with a screen name referencing the great carthaginian military leader Hannibal, you would think that kid would be somewhat intelligent. Guess not.

  • Kmia

    forest whitaker is an amazing talent, i think his looks have contributed to his success in a major way

  • Nita

    His lover game must be tight, cuz that droop eye is crazy LOL he is a good actor, though.

  • Ebonee

    ewwww how can she look at him like that! It has to be true love!

  • Malibu

    She looks like his daughter

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