How Many Of You Believe This???: Bow Wow Says That He Has NEVER EVER Paid For Sex…

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"Bow Wow"

It’s never a surprise when we hear Bow Wow is choppin’ down the latest video or groupie chick but it is a surprise to hear him say that he has never paid for the __________. According to Bow Wow, if you’re paying for sex… then you’re cheating.

I’ve never in my life paid a girl’s bills or rent. I’ve never been a trick. Never. I think that’s terrible. If you’ve got to do that, that means you’re lacking and slacking in your conversation skills or you’re not confident with yourself. Paying for sex is cheating. You get no respect from me if you do that. But if it’s your girl and you’ve established that she’s your woman and she holds you down, that’s a different thing. You trick off on your woman because you want to make sure she’s lookin’ fly, but other than that, the closest thing I’ll ever get to trickin’ is throwing ones at the strip club. Don’t ask me to pay your phone bill or nothin’ like that unless you’re my woman.

Speaking of strippers, didn’t you do a video where you had a pole in your basement? Do you have a stripper pole at the crib?
Bow Wow: Nah, not at this crib, but we got one at the studio [in Atlanta]. It hasn’t been used too much recently because I moved to Miami.

There’s been rumors of you being involved with video models. Do you think that video models get a bad rep? A lot of people have the perception that video chicks are all hoes and are all sleeping with all the rappers. In your experience have you found that to be true?

Bow Wow: There are some girls in the workplace who know how to handle their business without doing things that video vixens do. I’ve ran across a couple females who know how to do their job and handle their business. It’s kinda like strippers. Some strippers go to work, get their bread, then wake up in the morning and go back to college or use that bread to pay off their student loans. You’ve got some who respect the game, but then you’ve got some who may do bad things to get to the top. If they want that extra celebrity power, they’ll do whatever they have to do to get it. I’ve most definitely ran through my course of video models. For me, it just comes with the game. Not all video girls are [hoes]. Some are and some aren’t.

So did Snoop put you up on game? Was he giving you advice on how to deal with females?

Bow Wow: Nah, I’d credit that to my mom. My father was never in my life, so I never had a man teach me game. I got my game from a woman. I was raised by a woman and was in a house full of women at an early age. I figure that’s the best way, because nobody knows a woman like a woman. If you have a good female friend that you’re not sleeping with, she can give you good insight. My mother raised me, so I just asked her for advice and listened to her. So I guess that’s why I’m so successful with women now

We believe that Bow Wow has had his fair share of models and groupie hoes but not once has he ever dished out on a bill… GTFOH!!! Maybe he has and just didn’t know it…



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