K-Ci: We Ain’t on Rocks and Fu*k Bill Gates

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According to Kci, his brother JoJo did not pass out from a rock habit and Bill Gates is responsible for him looking like he has only been been eating a top ramen bowl once a week with a master cleanse diet in between. If Jo Jo has epliletpic seizures on the regular, why did K-Ci keep singing after seeing him drop?

Here is the audio of his interview today on Hot 97:


  • Acacia (Stevie's Girl)

    They’re on something…

  • WHAT?

    What the hell does that have to do with Bill Gates??? Nigha get the out of here

  • Ermy Erm

    *blank stare*

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Crack heads are the mose proficient liars on the planet. To his credit though I thought JoJo fell because he was drunk not cracked out.

  • Mock Rock Star (I have a hang over :-) )

    When keeping it real goes really wrong

  • T-Pain

    He looks like he dosent have a Package!!!

  • Earth Sign {Its time for a Revolution)

    What the fu*k, Who da fu*k, Where da fu*k?

  • Rozza♥

    I can tell you that they have been like this for a while. They did a concert in Va Beach with New Edition (who did great, BTW). When Jo Jo was doing a voiceover introducing the group, he was slurring his speech, then let out a loud-ass belch into the mic! Everyone in the audience was looking around saying “Did this muthafu@#$ just burp into the mic?!?!??!” Their performance was great after they got started, but Jo Jo was clearly under the influence. K-Ci just looks like the crackhead, his brother is doing the heavy lifting.

  • Seek the light beyond the shadows

    “We ain’t on no drugs puff puff cough cough” Fool you drunk during the damn interveiw sluring and thangs. Come on man keep it real. Whats the reason yall fell off so damn tough? Huh why can’t either one of yall sing? Its sleepy time shut up and take a nap.

  • Earth Sign {Its time for a Revolution)

    Ok..one person looks like they are putting a thumbs down and probably booing. the gyrl on the left has a devilish laugh like she sees something, and the one on the right has her hand over her mouth saying OMG…or she could be yawning

  • Des

    Dude sounds just like my crackheaded azz brother.

    They just go on and on about nothing for years, even when you have tried helping them. But at the same time asking for someone to feel sorry for them, like it’s everybody else’s fault they are on drugs.

    What the fu*k ever!

  • Seek the light beyond the shadows

    “We aren’t on no drugs puff puff cough cough” Fool you drunk during the damn interview slurring your words. Come on man keep it real. What’s the real reason yall fell off? Huh why can’t either one of yall sing?

  • Earth Sign {Its time for a Revolution)

    Where is K-Ci and Jo Jo from anyway? Does anybody know?

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    Birdchest Tyrone Biggums looking a$$ ni@@a…

    Letting your OWN brother pass out and lie on his face on a dirty a$$ floor and you gonna keep on singing….

    And the song has a line in it that says = “You picked me up when I was down”…

    Get the f#ck outta here junkie…

    Crackheads Gone Wild – K-Ci & JoJo Edition…

  • thatbrutha

    DAMN why can’t brutha GROUPS STAND THE TEST OF TIME?

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