Mary J. Blige Confirmed For Role Of Nina Simone In New Biopic

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"Mary J. Blige will play Nina Simone In A New Biopic"

The checks keep coming in for Mary J. Blige, who has signed on to play jazz icon Nina Simone after years of being rumored as a favorite for the role. Pop the hood for details.

Mary J. Blige has signed on to play Nina Simone in a biopic of the legendary singer. The Brave One writer Cynthia Mort penned the script for the film, which is currently titled Nina . Mort is also set to direct the film, which focuses on Simone’s relationship later in life with her assistant Clifton Henderson, played by David Oyelowo (The Last King of Scotland).

With a current budget of $10 million, the film is scheduled to begin shooting in France this September.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nina Simone’s work, check out footage from one of her performance’s below:

This is definitely a big deal for Mary — she hasn’t done a lot of acting and she’s been entrusted with a very difficult job, portraying a woman who was an important civil rights activist in addition to her accomplishments as a legendary singer and musician. While Blige’s diva status ensures she can relate to the music icon on some level, this role will undoubtedly present some challenges to Mary.

Are you confident that Mary is capable of the role? Or do you think the part should have gone to a more experienced actress?



  • LaDiva

    Go Mary…

  • sexy

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  • Freeze

    Ilove Mary but she is not a very good actress not bad as Bey but not that good either.

  • GTFOH with the dumb ((the one & only))

    just a horrible choice for vocals…she must be lip syncing.


    YES! Two of my favorite singers! Def will see this!!!!!!

  • uptowngirl

    Not sure is she can pull this off..the acting or the singing

  • TP

    hmmm…I love Mary, but I am thinking this should have went to someone much more experienced like Viola Davis. If a singer should have done it, I can only see Lauryn Hill being the one. Mary’s acting is not nearly up to par yet to take on a role of this magnitude.

  • LaDiva

    Nina Simone inspired alot of legendary singers like Janis Joplin who is one of my favorite singers…

  • NCdiva

    Love MJB. Got the gold package as a gift to the Essence Festival and can not wait!!!!

  • REE

    I love Mary but I love Mary when she is in her element and that is singing, not acting? She hasn’t been in that many roles to be getting big gigs such as this one. When someone’s life is being brought to film they need to be portrayed by a professional. Someone who is trained to make the character believable. Anika Noni Ross, or someone like that would have been a good choice for this role. Just my thoughts!!

  • ErycaK

    I like Mary but I’m not sure if she can pull this one off.. Good luck to her! I’m glad she’s trying to do something other than screeching opps i mean singing.

  • Sydney™

    “Are you confident that Mary is capable of the role?”

    I love Ms. Simone’s music, and I love Mary, but is she an actress?

    There’s also a new biography on Nina Simone that was released this year, “Princess Noire,” that I would like to read as well. Ms. Simone was a deeply talented and compelling woman, and I think it will take an actress with considerable depth to appropriately convey her complexities on-screen — no slight to Mary.

    “Black is the color of my true love’s hair
    His face so soft and wondrous fair
    The purest eyes
    and the strongest hands
    I love the ground on where he stands
    I love the ground on where he stands”

  • HF (The ORIGINAL Champ...accept no substitutes) ®

    Love Nina Simone!

    Do I Move U?
    Mississippi G**damn…

    Mary looks the part… and probably has more than enough vocal chops 2 do Nina justice, but can she act?

    At least THIS role didn’t go 2 Beyonce. I’m more stoked about Don Cheadle portraying Miles Davis.

  • Angel (The Real Heiness)

    She told us this a year ago, but get it Mary

  • Aunt Viv

    Typing again is annoying.

    Love you Mary, but I think I would have preferred:

    Lauryn Hill
    Heather Headley
    Viola Davis

    Or, Angela Ba.s.s.ett, since she plays singers well and can lip-synch well.

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