Poor Thang: MVP Bron-Bron Can’t Win A Championship To Save His Life

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LeBron James MVP Loses To Celtics in Game 6 of NBA Semifinals

Damn. King James is the league’s Most Valuable Player…again, but that doesn’t really mean anything if this guy can’t bring home a freakin ring. The Cavaliers are out of the NBA playoffs after a Game 6 loss to the Boston Celtics:

LeBron James took charge of the biggest game of his life like BP took charge of that oil spill in the Gulf. And there’s not an expert alive who can tell you for certain how long it’s going to take to clean up the damage.

He had a stat line that ended up looking pretty good: 27 points, 19 rebounds, 10 assists. The problem is that too much of it came too late. Then there were the nine turnovers; with one more, he’d have had the kind of quadruple double no one wants.

So it is that King James learned the hardest way possible that it takes more than a cloud of chalk dust to be a superstar in the NBA. And that MVP trophy — his second in as many years — isn’t much more than a glitzy doorstop. That was for the regular season, and it’s no longer relevant. In the postseason, there’s only one way you earn your superstar stripes, and that’s by winning. In New York, Yankees fans still haven’t forgiven Dave Winfield for his 1-for-22 performance in the 1981 World Series, which the Yankees lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers. And until he redeemed himself last year, Alex Rodriguez was more remembered for his postseason failures in pinstripes than his regular-season successes.

That’s the sort of company LeBron is keeping these days. He’s the MVP who can’t win in the postseason, the superstar who fails in the biggest moment.

The judgment isn’t entirely fair. The Celtics are a great team with a great point guard, three potential Hall of Famers, and championship experience. The Cavaliers are LeBron. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen. James has Mo Williams.

But great players elevate everyone around them. During the season, Williams and Antawn Jamison were very good players thanks to LeBron. Against the Celtics, they weren’t. A lot of that is to Boston’s credit. But some of it is to LeBron’s discredit. It was there to be taken, and he couldn’t take it. To his credit, he didn’t blame his sore elbow for his inability to take over the series and will his team to victory. “It limited me some,” is all he would say about it. Nor would he talk about where he’ll be playing next year.

“I love the City of Cleveland, of course,” he said. But whether he loves it enough to stay there remains to be seen. LeBron said he and “his team” will decide what’s best for him to do.

“It’s all about winning for me,” he said.

Looks like this might be Lebron’s last year in Cleveland. Hopefully, next year this dude can step his game up, get a supporting cast, and truly start making it rain on them hoes.



  • PraDaMaMa


  • drenk

    yeah its time for cleveland to let him go somewhere he can win a championship

  • Mock Rock Star

    Congrats Lebron, but this year I’m not going for U. I just realized that one of my favorite players has yet to get a NBA championship so I’m rooting for Grant Hill!!!

  • super goon one


    Cleveland is a cursed city

    He will got to New York with Wade.

  • uptowngirl

    Now maybe people will realize he is not the savior of basketball.

  • fall

    S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m is a place for like-minded people who understand that intelligence, success and drive are key elements to attraction.

  • 2dimplzs

    1. Mike Brown can’t coach to save his life
    2. LeBron gave up hence the whole team gave up
    3. LeBron underachieved during this series regardless of the triple double he got last night
    4. LeBron checked out mentally a long time ago because he knows he’s not coming back to Cleveland.
    5. He needs his Scottie Pippen and until that happens he will continue to lose!!!!!

  • Simeon

    Lebron is a Regular season player, he doesn’t have the ability to grind his teeth and win a championship. He has no versatility in his game whatsoever. He can’t shoot for shit. He was 11-40 from the field in his last two games. He’s young though. He needs to come off all that other shit, and play ball. Championships should be his focus. The rest will come. He needs to stay put in cleveland. It would take him 10 years to get a team good enough to contend in NYC. He could go to Chicago but Derrick Rose is there guy. He needs to stay at home, reflect, and look to win in his home state.

  • drenk

    @super goon one

    i keep hearing that him n wade will sign for NY, but the knicks are garbage, they only look good when compared to the nets, knicks stink more than staten island

  • drenk

    MZ. LADY
    5/14/10, 10:01:am

    Could u be serious about being a great player, but not gettin a ring. A ring is not the only thang that makes a great player.

    tell that to charles barkley and dan marino, theyd agree with you

  • 2dimplzs

    @ uptowngirl:

    The way LBJ played in the playoffs is definitely disappointing and makes one question his hunger and killer instinct – or lack thereof, BUT he is still the best player in the league right now. He’s not playing up to his abilities and everyone knows he isn’t and that’s the very frustrating part for his fans.

  • tRuTh

    Lebron needs a championship coach like Larry Brown, Phil Jackson, Popovich, or Pat Riley. These type of players need a coach thats BIGGER than them. Or they won’t have respect or follow them, which is understood.

    The media, corporations and the NBA have prematurely crowned him basketball savior for $$$$ purposes. But we already have one. KOBE! Lebron will get his. He’s an amazing player, but has to get some rings before his considered F*&#k the media.



  • uptowngirl


    I have to disagree with you. The best player is Kobe. Trust me I am not a fan of his at all but as a lover of the game I have to give it up to him. He consistently makes it happen.

  • http://deleted tessa

    Lebron James is probablu just overrated just the NBA could bring in money. I still got love for Lebron though and hopefully he will eventually get a championship ring.

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