Pure Comedy: Hova’s Sister Happy To Pose For The Camera!!!

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We know this picture is suspect, but it sure is a little comic relief for those of you having a “Case of the Mondays.”


  • B0SSiPST0PiiT

    lmao ….1st

  • shawamar

    WOW, lmao…

  • you're not too bright

    that’s really unfortunate…

  • Ayanna

    Please tell me this is a joke…

  • D.

    Unlike all of your hateristic so called comedy, this is actually funny!

  • Norbert

    Seems like jay turned into a woman.It does not look good

  • drenk

    i guess this is why beyonce doesnt want kids

  • lani3000

    The same chick that graduated in cap and gown looking like Jigga a few yeares ago.

  • ayla

    lol.. plz tell me this is photoshopd!! this must b a joke otherwise i just dont know!! woow

  • Why?

    LMAO, boy somebody is good at photoshop!
    I would imagine this would be one of those hood chicks a baller picked up and now she is living the glamorous life lol!

  • West-West Yall...


  • Amber

    lmao she looks just like jigga man

    follow me @acm105 on twitter

  • Woman Jigga

    If this is real, then she might want to look into her history cause she might be adopted.

  • The "Original" Brown Hornet

    Hilarious – Bey Bey’s birth control righ thurr!

  • Curious1

    lol….that dang Jigga Man…

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